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Function Tables:

Function Tables What’s my rule? 6 th Grade: Ms. Lockridge and Ms. Williams Darling Achievement Center

What is a function table?:

What is a function table? Like an input/output table or machine A rule is repeated in the table From the table, you can determine how each input will be changed to produce each output

A Well-Oiled Machine:

A Well-Oiled Machine Input (x) Output (y) 4 6 6 8 8 10 10 12 Input: the numbers that are going into the “machine”; represented by “X” Output: the numbers after they have gone through the “machine”; represented by “Y” What has happened to all of the numbers as they have gone through the “machine”? The operation(s) that changed the numbers is the FUNCTION TABLE RULE. The rule: Add 2 to the input

Follow the rule!:

Follow the rule! Input (x) Output (y) Output (y) 6 4(6)=y ? 7 4(7)=y ? 8 4(8)=y ? 9 4(9)=y ? 10 4(10)=y ? If the rule is given, simply follow it to change inputs to outputs The rule is 4x=y Multiply each input by 4 to get the output

Follow the rule!:

Follow the rule! Input (x) Output (y) 6 24 7 28 8 32 9 36 10 40

Do I have a rule?:

Do I have a rule? Input (x) Output (y) 2 7 4 ? 6 15 8 19 10 ? Start with the first input to output Which operation is used? Check all the inputs to outputs to make sure the rule works for all Is the rule x+5=y ? No, because it only works for the first set of inputs and outputs The rule is 2x+3=y

Guess the rule!!!!:

Guess the rule!!!! X Y 1 5 5 25 15 75 75 375 Is it addition? Is it subtraction? Is it multiplication? Is it division?

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