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Essential Pillars ofTourism Industry Development VISION 2 billion MISSION Create a super natural workforce MARKETING Tourism BC Destination Marketing BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT COTA HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT go2 PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT Tourism BC Destination Development

Who is go2? : 

Who is go2? go2 is an independent, industry created and lead association that works closely with industry leaders, tourism educators & government to ensure tourism operators can attract, retain and train employees to support industries growth. ….The Resource for People in Tourism

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RETENTIONof tourism employees through best practices Focus Areas RECRUITMENT Industry image career awareness EDUCATION & TRAINING of current & future workers COORDINATION Including ongoing research Joint planning & outcome tracking

Super, Natural experiences for visitors requirea Super, Natural workforcefor TOURISM in British Columbia : 

Super, Natural experiences for visitors requirea Super, Natural workforcefor TOURISM in British Columbia

Tourism 2004 in British Columbia: : 

Tourism 2004 in British Columbia: 18,000 in BC: 267,000* workers tourism businesses 117,500 workers in direct tourism employment $ 9.4 billion in revenues in 2004 $1 billion annual contribution to provincial govt.

Growth Targets Expectations 2015 : 

Growth Targets Expectations 2015 20 billion revenue generated 33 million overnight visitors 200,000 in direct tourism employment 2 billion annual contribution to provincial government

Training Findings : 

Training Findings 75% employees enter the workforce without formal tourism training Over 50% of supervisors/managers are promoted from within 89% of graduates of publicly-funded tourism programs gain employment 50% of these go to fields other than tourism

Industry’s Challenge-g02’s mandate : 

Industry’s Challenge-g02’s mandate Where are we going to find the people? How are we going to keep them? Is industry aware of the challenge and can it mobilize itself to meet it?

Challenge #1: recruiting workers : 

Challenge #1: recruiting workers Stiff competition for qualified workers Changing demographics in the labour pool Perception of tourism jobs as entry-level & low paying

Challenge #2: retaining workers : 

Challenge #2: retaining workers Unacceptably high turnover More investment for employee development The lure of other industries good HR practices

Challenge #3: training & development : 

Challenge #3: training & development More job-readiness support More part-time training options for upgrading or retaining Strengthening the HR skills of supervisors

Vancouver Airport : 

Vancouver Airport YVR is the 2nd busiest airport in Canada It saw over 14 million passengers in 2003 It is the best airport in North America and one of the ten best in the world 26,000 people are employed in 400 businesses

Tourism Around the Globe : 

Tourism Around the Globe 7th most popular country to visit in the world 164,000 tourism businesses 1.6 million individuals employed in tourism-related positions One of the world’s largest industries 1 in 12 people employed in tourism-related jobs Fastest growing economic sector in terms of job creation Canada World

Tourism in British Columbia : 

Tourism in British Columbia Canada’s 2nd most visited province 23 million visitors per year B.C.’s 2nd largest industry Adds over $1 million/hour to the BC economy

Tourism Jobs in BC : 

Tourism Jobs in BC 18,000 tourism businesses 1 in 7 people employed in a tourism-related occupation 84,000 NEW jobs in the next decade

Where are the opportunities? : 

Where are the opportunities? Accommodation Food and Beverage Outdoor Adventure Attractions Events and Conferences Transportation Travel Trade Tourism Services

Accommodation Businesses : 

Accommodation Businesses Hotels Resort Hotels Motels Bed and Breakfasts Hostels Campgrounds and Trailer Parks 19,000 jobs available!

Food and Beverage Businesses : 

Food and Beverage Businesses Fine Dining Family Dining Quick Service Specialty/Ethnic Bars and Pubs Accommodation restaurants 44,000 jobs available!

Outdoor Adventure Businesses : 

Outdoor Adventure Businesses Ski Resorts Golf Clubs Sea Kayaking Rafting Mountain Biking Fishing Whale Watching Bear Spotting 13,000 jobs available

Attractions Businesses : 

Attractions Businesses Museums and Galleries Parks and Gardens Cultural Sites Amusement Parks Historical Sites 8,000 jobs available!

Transportation Businesses : 

Transportation Businesses Airlines Ferries Cruise Ships Rail Companies Rental Car companies Bus tour companies Ongoing jobs available!

Events and Conference Businesses : 

Events and Conference Businesses Festivals and Events Conferences and Meetings Trade and Consumer Shows Sporting Events Ongoing jobs available

Travel Trade Businesses : 

Travel Trade Businesses 500 jobs available! Tour Companies Travel Agents

Tourism Services Businesses : 

Tourism Services Businesses Visitor Information Centres Destination Marketing Organizations Government Associations Consultants Ongoing jobs available!

Jobs predicted to be the highest in demand : 

Jobs predicted to be the highest in demand

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“Without a positive attitude nothing else happens. It is important for all aspects of the job. Attitude is all there is! This may be the reason a person is hired and keeps their job” employer

Potential Career Path : 

Potential Career Path Executive Owner/Operator Management Supervisory Front Line

Definition of Attitude : 

Definition of Attitude Work ethic Self-motivation Team player Self esteem/confidence Respect for others Initiative Honesty Self-control

Employability Skills for Tourism in Canada : 

Employability Skills for Tourism in Canada Positive Attitude Responsibility Adaptability Willingness to continuously learn Values safety Knowledge of the tourism industry Customer service

Employability Skills for Tourism in Canada : 

Employability Skills for Tourism in Canada Communication skills Numeracy skills Computer & other technology skills Manage information Thinking skills Ability to work with others

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ESL courses SuperHost Serving It Right, Foodsafe Certificate & Diploma Programs e.g. TTI, VCC, Premier College Degree Programs - e.g. Capilano College Raising the Benchmark Skills Development is Vital

Provocative Questions : 

Provocative Questions How do we get the tourism industry to see immigrant workers as potential employees? How do we get new immigrants to see tourism as a potential employer? How do we get people to see tourism/hospitality as a place to stop not just start? Is there funding for employers to consider job practicum's Will basic employability skills specific to tourism support both employee and employer

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