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Hamburger Helper Let hamburger help you make a great essay!

What is an essay?:

What is an essay? Essays can be long or short. Essays can cover any topic. Essays can be very different but all essays must stay true to the roots of the word "essay" which is derived from the French infinitive essayer , meaning "to try" or "to attempt". It is basically your attempt to explain your point of view in an interesting and informative way.

Hamburger Method:

Hamburger Method Appetizing Introduction

AP Hamburger Method:

AP Hamburger Method Body of Your Essay Thesis Conclusion

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Introductory Paragraph Introduce your paper- Grab the reader’s attention a. Maybe an anecdote (story) b. Maybe use a quote, definition or fact found in your research 2) Thesis Statement: What is your point of view? Ex. Why is voting important? 3) The Organization Statement – briefly mention the 3 points you will make to back up your thesis This essay is about . . . It may help to write the introduction after your body.

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Each paragraph contains: 1) Topic Sentence 2) Fact to prove topic 3) 2 or more details to support your reason The Body of the Essay Make each reason you have that supports your thesis into a complete topic sentence

What is Fluff?:

What is Fluff? Cute General Vague narratives Meant as filler when you don’t know what to say!

The Conclusion:

The Conclusion Restate your thesis Recap your points Analysis/Conclusion

What is Fluff?:

What is Fluff? To this day, I’m glad this was established because who knows where we’d be without those brave men and women fighting for our united country! FLUFF!!!

Fluff Or Fact?:

Fluff Or Fact? This changed when the Articles of Confederation came to the rescue!” FLUFF!!!

Fluff Or Fact?:

Fluff Or Fact? Question: To what extent was the United State Constitution a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation?

Thesis Fluff Or Fact?:

Thesis Fluff Or Fact? The United States constitution was a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation after the American Revolution. The Articles of Confederation tried to protect Americans from the issues with Britain. As this attempt for protection was issued, it became clear that America had become strong enough to go on without the Articles of Confederation. This led to the creation of the Constitutional convention and the creation of the Constitution was issued. FLUFF!!!

Thesis Fluff Or Fact?:

Thesis Fluff Or Fact? The United States Constitution was a very radical departure from the Articles of Confederation. The United States Constitution formed almost a completely new view on the way the states would be united. One major difference was in taxation and control of money. A second large change in the government was the emphasis on the strength of a central power. This was in contrast to the states’ power over the federal government. A final drastic change, was in the way the governing body was set up. The new government under the Constitution was a very different government than had been seen under the Articles of Confederation.

Fluff Or Fact?:

Fluff Or Fact? Question: Analyze the contributions of TWO of the following in helping establish a stable government after the adoption of the Constitution? John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington

Thesis Fluff? Or Fact?:

Thesis Fluff? Or Fact? “Thomas Jefferson and George Washington have been two of our greatest leaders. Besides being two of the top presidents to ever hold office, they have had other accomplishments that has led our country to outstanding heights. In order to obtain a stable governments, leaders like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington have done remarkable contributions in order to help our nation after the adoption of the constitution. ” FLUFF!!!

Thesis Fluff or Fact?:

Thesis Fluff or Fact? “Many presidents and governors tried to establish a stable government after the adoption of the Constitution. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's eras or terms, illustrated that a stable government is needed in order to establish a free-standing government after the adoption of a Constitution. George Washington contributed the idea of neutrality, enforcement of federal law by summoning state militias, thus illustrated in the Whiskey Rebellion and the support of Hamilton’s national bank. These entities illustrated Washington’s contribution to help establish a stable government…

Fluff? Or Fact?:

Fluff? Or Fact? “…Thomas Jefferson illustrated his contributions by the purchasing of the Louisiana Purchase, the War of Tripoli (Barbary Pirates) and his belief of a strict interpretation of the Constitution. His contributions also showed us his belief of establishing a stable government.

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