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The Ga Tribe : 

The Ga Tribe By Morgan Banbury

Where in the World: : 

Where in the World:

Where in the World: : 

Where in the World:

Population of the Ga Tribe : 

Population of the Ga Tribe

Ga Tribe History : 

Ga Tribe History Settled in southeastern part of Ghana in the seaport capital of Accra in the 15th century Ga refer to themselves as Gamei – meaning people descended from gaga (Gaga is a venomous black ant) Ga Christian missionaries and historians - believe the Ga ancestry can be traced back to Israel – due to many Ga cultural traditions being similar to Jewish customs.

Ga Tribe Economics : 

Ga Tribe Economics Originally fishermen and farmers Major influences: European Gold and Slave Trade Integration of other African tribes shaped Ga culture Influence by Africa countries by sea – Kru people from Liberia Influence of Western education and modernization Women operate most of the retail Men build and maintain property and infrastructure

Ga Tribe Politics : 

Ga Tribe Politics Use chieftaincy system Mantse is the king or head of Ga community. Speaks to public through his linguist or “Otsami” Carries wooden staff with small Antelope perched on back of elephant carved at the top – which is the symbol of the Ga state. Below the Mantse Chiefs – in charge of cities Paramount Chiefs – oversee other chiefs who are in charge of other specific areas of the town. Chiefs gather to find solutions to problems.

Ga Tribe Religion : 

Ga Tribe Religion Traditional Tribe and Christian Four Major Tribal Cults Three non-Ga religions Each town has a priest called Wulomie – who interprets the will of the dozen of gods Priest sleeps in a gbatsu(house of god) Priest can only be awakened by tinkling of an instrument(Rentink) Today – most of Ga tribes are Christian Wulomie still has influence

Ga Tribe Religious Ceremonies : 

Ga Tribe Religious Ceremonies Worldwide recognized for funeral celebrations Coffins created in shape that reflects something personal about the deceased – occupation, character trait, or family symbol. Coffins are very expensive

Ga Tribe Festivals : 

Ga Tribe Festivals Homowo Festival – most celebrated Beginning of each harvest Music and Dace Homowo means hunger to remind the nation of Ga struggles – great famine and loss of lives Celebration of strength and determination

Ga Tribe Music : 

Ga Tribe Music Most music and dance of life and death Traditional Music – from the kpele religion Songs sung by women accompanied by double bell Tell history of Ga tribe tradition Today – most popular music is the Kpanlogo Recreational dance Always includes the strong beat of the Kpanlogo drum.

Ga Tribe Coffins : 

Ga Tribe Coffins

Coffin Maker : 

Coffin Maker

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