Nautical Archaeology Digital Library

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Nautical Archaeology Digital Library : 

Nautical Archaeology Digital Library

Goals : 

Goals 1. Efficiently catalog, store, and manage artifacts and ship remains along its associated data and information produced by an underwater archeological excavation. 2. Integrate heterogeneous data sources from different media to facilitate research work and handle uncertainty in data and structure. 3. Incorporate historic sources to help in the study of current artifacts. 4. Develop visualization tools to help researchers manipulate, observe, study, and analyze artifacts and their relationships. 5. Develop algorithm and visualization based mechanisms for ship reconstruction, i.e., to determine where recovered pieces and fragments fit in a whole.

Contents : 

Contents 1. People 2. Treatises 3. Timeline 4. About 5. Publications 6. Partnerships

Host : 

Host Host 1. Texas A&M University's Nautical Archaeology Department 2. Texas A&M University's Center for the Study of Digital Libraries

Ownership of Analog Items : 

Ownership of Analog Items 1. Texas A&M University's Nautical Archaeology Program 2. The Cushing Memorial Library and Archives 3. Acedemia de Marinha, Portugal 4. Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Creators and Managers : 

Creators and Managers 1. Texas A&M staff from NAD Department 2. Texas A&M staff from CSDL Department

Issues : 

Issues 1. The site is a relatively new creation and therefore there isn’t a large amount of content. 2. The material is, of course, in different languages depending on the item and it would be nice to have cross translations of the various languages.

Conclusion : 


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