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Caleb Lee : 

Caleb Lee Graphic Design 1 Final Portfolio Fall 2010

Personal Logo Design : 

Personal Logo Design

Flyer Design : 

Flyer Design

Newspaper Advertisement : 

Newspaper Advertisement

Brochure : 


Slide 6: 


Motivational Poster : 

Motivational Poster

CD Cover : 

CD Cover

T-Shirt : 


Newsletter : 


Certificate Design Brief : 

Certificate Design Brief Design Brief I’m making my certificate for an honorable mention at the position of wide receiver. In the certificate it will have a spot for the recipient to have his name and two other spots for the head coach and the recipient to sign. It will have a nice border for the Slater Football team. Also, it will have three different types of font including one for the border writing, one for the title, and one for the other typing. The reason I think that this project will go well is that I get to make it my own way. It will be easier for more too look at it at be proud that I made on my own with no help or directions. Remembrance about your designs is the most important part so you can actually be proud of it. When you follow directions you do it the same way as everyone else but without directions you get to be on your own.

Certificate : 


Certificate Evaluation : 

Certificate Evaluation This was probably my favorite project because we got to make it on our own without anyone telling us we have to do something specifically. Also, because when you get to make your own project or design you remember it easier and with more pride in yourself because you see that you can actually do something on your own and without anyone else. But, over all I probably could have made it a little better because even though I think it’s the best design and project I got done for the whole semester.

Resources : 

Resources Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Word Microsoft Publisher Microsoft PowerPoint

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