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Ayurvedic Dosage Form & Their Standardisation Seminar on … Presented By : Jayprakash S. Nogaja Contact-jpnogja@rediffmail.com Contact No ;-9766764132,9420090124

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Great role in medicinal, nutraceuticals and cosmetics products . Definition : Ayurvedic medicines are all the medicines intended for internal or external use, for or in the diagnosis treatment, mitigation or prevention of disease or disorder in human beings or animal and manufactured exclusively in accordance with the formulae described in the authorative books of Ayurvedic Systems of medicine specified in the first schedule of the Drug and Cosmetic act 1940.

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Solid Dosage forms

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Vatika Medicament is in tablet form prepared by compressin

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Preparation of gutika Gutika Medicament is in the Pills form.

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Preparation of Churna Churna It is Fine powder of drug or drugs. Types : Simple Compound Ash containing

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Bhasma These are the preparation containing ash which are obtained through the process of incineration of crud drug treated with metalic or non metalic minerals(gold,silver,zinc ,copper)reagents or extract or plant jouice or amimal derived substances like shells & horns in closed crusibles or in pits with cow dung cakes

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Preparation of Ksharas Ksharas Alkaline basic substance obtain by dissolving ash in water It is hygroscopic , deliquicent in nature Salty Stable for long period

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Preparation of sattva Sattva Dried water extract of plant material Nassas Fine powdered dried blown into nostril or by aqueous or oily preparation by dropper it is instiled

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Semisolid Dosage forms

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Preparation of Avaleha Avaleha It is sugar based semisolid preparation for oral use.

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Lepa Lepa are semisolid preparation for external application in the form of paste Vegitable powders are stable for 1 month but with mineral stable long last

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Preparation of matras Matras It is highly potent,sticky preparation applied to tongue where from drug is absorbed

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Kalka Fresh or dried crude drug is powdered poured in hot or cool water to get vary fine paste is called is Kalka. Swarasa Kalka is expressed through the layers of cloths to produce thick juice generally crushed leaves or root of herbs are used Praash IT is highly palatable preparation used for refreshing or rejuvination of the body. Like jams

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Liquid Dosage Forms

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Preparation of Arishta Arishta These are liquid ayuruedic preparation prepared by process of fermentation (sandana process)

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Preparation of Asava Asava These are liquid ayuruedic preparation prepared by process of fermentation (sandana process)

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Preparation of Arka Arka It is liquid formulation obtained by distillation of drug having characteristic odour

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Preparation of Kvatha (Decoction ) Kvatha (Decoction ) It is liquid formulation obtained by the method of decoction meant for either oral administration or external use Dravaka It is prepared by distillation with out adding any fluid . It should be stored in glass bottles

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Preparation of Taila Taila (medicated oil ) It is lipophilic liquid prepared by dissolving or extracting medicinal substance with oils Netrabindu It is prepared by dissolving specified crude drug in water, honey & used as eye drop.

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Standardisation of Ayurvedic Dosage Forms

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1 . Taxonomical Estimation Authentication of drug material 2 . Organoleptic/sensary Evaluation Colour Odour Appearance Powder partical size Distribution Powder flow Clearity Parameters For Evaluation

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3 . Foreign Matter Of Foreign Plant Of Own Plant Of Other animal Mineral 4 . Microscopic Evaluation Qualitative Palisade Ratio Vein Islet Vein Termination Stomatal Index Stomatal Numbre

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Quantitative Lycopodium Spore count method Starch Grain Calcium Oxalate Crystals 6 . Chromatographic & other Methods TLC & HPTLC HPLC UV Spectroscopy GC-MS Fluorimetry

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5 . Physicochemical Parameters PH Disintegration time Friability Hardness Sedimentation Rate Solubility Viscosity Ash Values Total Ash Acid insoluble Ash Water soluble Sulphated Ash Extractive Values Water soluble Ethanol soluble Ether Soluble

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Volatativitiy Oil related values Saponificable matter Acid Value Ester Values Swelling Index Foaming Index Melting Range Optical Rotation Moisture content Loss on Drying Aziotropic mixture method Karl Fischer Method Spectroscopic method Electrometric Method

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7 . Pharmacological Parameters ( Bioassays to estimate potency ) Bitterness Astringent Activity Antimicrobial Activity Hemolytic Activity Antioxidant Activity Nitric oxide Scavenging Activity

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8 . Toxicological (Establishment of Safety ) Limit Tests Pesteside containt Heavy metals Containt Aflotoxin Radio active Contaminant Bioburdan Bacterial Pathogenic Non Pathogenic Fungal

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current Senario Dabur India Ltd. - 650 million dollars Sri Baidyanath Ayurvedic Bhawan Ltd. -350 million dollars Zandu Pharmaceutical Works -45 million dollars The Himalaya Drug Company – 500 million dollars The Emami Group, -110 million dollars There are today 30 companies doing business of a million dollars or more per year (September 2003)

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