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Final Portfolio By Daniel Dalrymple : 

Final Portfolio By Daniel Dalrymple

Programs Used : 

Programs Used Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Paint

Logo Design : 

Logo Design

Motivational Poster : 

Motivational Poster

Post Card : 

Post Card

Flyer : 


Business Card : 

Business Card

Brochure : 


Advertisement : 


Album Cover : 

Album Cover

Newsletter : 


Newsletter Design Brief : 

Newsletter Design Brief A newsletter is a piece of paper that displays information about up coming events in the community or for the local school, church, or park, or local business. I am going to make a newsletter for Mr. Brewer’s Graphic Design (1) class. The purpose of a newsletter is to let the community know about large events that are going to be in the near future. A design brief has to have plenty of information about the topic, and it has to look nice to catch the recipients attention. The purpose for this newsletter is to let the parents of the students know about the projects that we have done, what projects we are doing, and what projects we are going to do in the future. Its also trying to get the name of the of the people who created the newsletter out beyond the local area and become well recognized. It also has the dates of the projects of when they were assigned and when they are due. What the newsletter is going to look like is its going to have all the projects in a list on the side of the paper. It is going to have a large header on the top saying what the newsletter if for. The header is going to be in bold letters probably impact font. I’m going to have pictures of computers to represent graphic design. I’m also going to put all the main information of the class in the middle of the paper to be the main emphasis. Three projects that I am going to write articles on are the T-shirt project, the post card project, and the brochure project.

Newsletter Evaluation : 

Newsletter Evaluation I think that this was my best project because I had all the information on the newsletter and it was very balanced and proportionate.

Certificate : 


T-shirt : 


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