New Years Eve by Katerina and Vaso

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In the New Years Eve at night the family are all together and are waiting for the New Year to come. When the New Year comes we cut a special cake (vasillopita). After that the youngest people go out with friends and have fun. At some villages when the New Year comes, the bells of the churches are ringing.

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The next day, in the morning we go to the church because it’s the name day of Vasilis and Vaso. In the night, the people that celebrate (whose names are Vasillis/Vasiliki), usually go out with friends or they get all together at the house and have fun.

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At the same night, the little children wait for Santa Claus (Agios Vasilis in Greek) to come and bring their presents.

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Now we will tell you about a Christmas legend… In Christmas Eve according to the legend, some bad and tricky spirits are coming on the earth. They are very ugly and tricker. During the year they live underground and they are axing the tree of earth. In the Christmas Eve the tree is ready to fall down, and the world is about to be demolished. This is the time that they are coming on the earth….

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For 12 nights they are jumping and dancing. They come in the houses and make everything dirty. The people try to keep them away from their houses by keeping the fireplace to burn. They are leaving at Epiphany day 6th of January.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR This was our work. Hope you liked it.

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