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Hi. I really enjoyed this powerpoint. It would come in very helpful for my 8th grade class to review with. Would you be able to email the powerpoint to me. My email is Thanks

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Information Text – Text Features : 

Information Text – Text Features SPI 0601.6.3 Use text features to locate information and make meaning from text (e.g., headings, key words, captions, footnotes).

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Text features are parts of informational (nonfiction) text other than the body that help the reader understand the content more clearly.

PowerPoints : 

PowerPoints PowerPoint Presentation Text Features PowerPoint Text Features PowerPoint

Practice with Captions : 

Practice with Captions Captions Help Tell the Story Students look at three pictures and try to determine which caption fits best.

Practice with Newspapers : 

Practice with Newspapers Read All About It Newspapers are divided into standard sections. Students use sections to predict where types of stories would be found.

Practice with Headlines : 

Practice with Headlines Reading Headlines Students read eight headlines and try to determine what the article is about.

Organizers : 

Organizers Web Walk Inside a News Story NONFICTION TEXT FEATURES

Sample Test Questions : 

Sample Test Questions

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