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S A T REVISION Numeracy Literacy Science s Nothing To Worry About, Just Plenty To Think About BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE STILL NEED HELP? CLICK HERE

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Maths Revision Websites Multiplication (Times-tables) Numbers (Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, negative numbers, rounding, ratio and proportion) Handling Data (Graphs, Probability, Averages) Measures, Shape and Space (Perimeter, Area, Shape, Distance, Time, Volume, Weight, Length, Capacity, Temperature) Go back to title page Go to Maths page 2

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Earth, Sun and Moon Changing sounds Changing state Gases around us Keeping healthy Life cycles Science Revision Websites –Page 3 Go back to title page Go back to Science page 1 Go back to Science page 2

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Maths Revision Websites Fractions, Decimals and Percentage Handling Data (Graphs, Probability, Averages) Excellent websites for Maths Woodlands Junior School Coxhoe Primary School For anyone who enjoys a challenge! GCSE maths: Take a practice GCSE Maths test! Go back to title page Go back to Maths page 1

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Literacy Revision Websites Grammar Spelling Word lab - Reading Writing Listening Vocabulary For anyone who likes a challenge: GCSE Literacy Bitesize State of Debate Go back to the title page

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Science Revision Websites Interdependence and adaptation Micro organisms Reversible and irreversible changes Forces in action How we see things Changing circuits Moving and growing Habitats Keeping warm Circuits and conductors Friction Solids and liquids Keeping healthy Life cycles Gases around us Changing state Changing sounds Helping plants grow well Go back to the title page Go to Science Page 2 Go to Science Page 3

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Science Revision Websites –Page 2 Teeth and eating Rocks and soils Characteristics of materials Light and shadows Magnets and springs Health and growth Plants and animals in the local environment Variation Grouping andchanging materials Ourselves Growing plants Sorting andusing materials Pushes and pulls Light and dark Sound and hearing Go back to the title page Go back to Science page 1 Go to Science Page 3

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Still Need Help? Do Not Panic! Send an Email to I check this email Saturday mornings at 10.00am Sunday afternoons between 4.00-5.30pm Tuesdays at 6.00pm REMEMBER YOU CAN DO IT! Simply because YOU ARE BRILLIANT, YES YOU! Take care Mr L’Amie  Go back to the title page

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