Happy New Year! 08 Updates-June 27 2007.

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Happy New Year! : 

Happy New Year! Fiscal Year ’08 Updates/Changes to Accounting Services & Purchasing Processes June 27, 2007

Presenters : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 2 June 27, 2007 Presenters Allison Peyton – Accounting Services Joann Albrecht - Purchasing Lani Caraway - Purchasing

Logo Use & Licensing : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 3 June 27, 2007 Logo Use & Licensing

Slide 4: 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 4 June 27, 2007 Dept communicates royalties to vendor and works with vendor on the product design Dept places order with the vendor Dept submits PReq with Vendor’s design number to Purchasing Dept LC reviews & returns TMF to Dept Department needs a logo item Dept submits Trademarks use Request Form (TMF) to License Coordinator (LC) Purchasing verifies design has been approved & creates PO Vendor submits product design to Trademarx online. Vendor notifies Dept design is approved. LC approves product design. Notifies vendor. Logo Use Flow Chart

Logo & Verbiage Use Review & Approval Process : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 5 June 27, 2007 Logo & Verbiage Use Review & Approval Process Internal usage request form has changed and is available via Purchasing webpage. All uses of logo or verbiage MUST be purchased with a PO. Vouchers, etc. will no longer be paid. Updated purchase requisition form specifically for logo items available on Purchasing webpage.

Logo and Verbiage Examples : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 6 June 27, 2007 Logo and Verbiage Examples For athletics use only.

Registered Verbiage : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 7 June 27, 2007 Registered Verbiage University of North Dakota North Dakota UND Fighting Sioux The Sioux Ralph Engelstad Arena Betty Engelstad Sioux Center

Logo Purchase Requisition Information : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 8 June 27, 2007 Logo Purchase Requisition Information Verify that chosen vendor is licensed. http://www.und.nodak.edu/dept/purchase/html/LLV.html List can be downloaded for easier searching by vendor name or product. (Find feature in Word) Request design number from vendor. Vendor to submit artwork for approval via LRG webpage.

Non-Employee/Student Travel : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 9 June 27, 2007 Non-Employee/Student Travel The traveler’s signature will be required on the Non-Employee/Student Travel Expense Worksheet for reimbursement of travel.

Slide 10: 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 10 June 27, 2007

Account Code Listing : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 11 June 27, 2007 Account Code Listing New Account Code for Graduate Assistants Purchases for software licenses, license logo items will require a purchase requisition to be processed through Purchasing. Purchases for services >$5000.00 will require a purchase requisition. Account Code Listing - Changes for 07-01-07 are highlighted in yellow.

Payments for Services : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 12 June 27, 2007 Payments for Services An actual invoice/agreement or purchase order will be required for payments for services Legal Counsel is drafting a standard agreement for speakers, and consultants.

Journal Imports : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 13 June 27, 2007 Journal Imports Departments submitting Journal Imports will no longer have to submit a hard copy to Accounting Services. An Excel spreadsheet indicating actual post dates for journal imports will be posted to the Accounting Services website. Updates will be posted every Monday.

Slide 14: 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 14 June 27, 2007

Employee Travel : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 15 June 27, 2007 Employee Travel Effective August 1, 2007: In-state mileage rate is increasing to $0.45/mile In-state lodging rate is increasing to $55.00 + applicable taxes

Purchasing Card : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 16 June 27, 2007 Purchasing Card Departments will have the ability to change funding sources for purchasing card transactions prior to the charges posting to your funds. Example: Fund & Account # changes can be made by department prior to posting Anticipated implementation date-October 2007

Fiscal Year End Reminders : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 17 June 27, 2007 Fiscal Year End Reminders

June Purchasing Card Transactions : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 18 June 27, 2007 June Purchasing Card Transactions Transactions for week of June 5 through June 11 Voucher #00008419 Transactions for week of June 12 through June 18 Voucher #00008469

Fiscal Year End Important Dates : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 19 June 27, 2007 Fiscal Year End Important Dates Fiscal Year End Schedule for 2007

Where to find this PowerPoint : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 20 June 27, 2007 Where to find this PowerPoint If you would like to print a copy of this PowerPoint for your files, it can be found on the Accounting Services website on the Hot Topics page. http://www.und.edu/dept/accounts/hottopics.html

Questions? : 

UND Updates/Changes to Policies 21 June 27, 2007 Questions?

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