7-Spanish American War Fighting

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A Splendid Little War : 

A Splendid Little War Aim: How was the Spanish-American War fought?

Do Now : 

Do Now 1.“Wars are always horrible.” 2. “Wars can be fun and exciting.” 3. “If America has to go to war, it should try to make the war as small as possible.” 4. “If America has to go to war, it should try to beat its opponent very, very badly.” 5. “If America goes to war, it should try to take as much land as possible for itself.”

Notes : 

Notes 1. In April, 1898, America declared war on Spain and began the Spanish-American War. 2. America went to war with Spain because: A. Many Americans believed Spain blew up the U.S.S. Maine B. We wanted European countries to leave the western hemisphere so we could be the most powerful country.

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C. We wanted to spread democracy (help Cuba be free.)

Notes : 

Notes 3. However, the first fighting in the Spanish-American War did not take place in Cuba, but in the Philippines. 4. America attacked Spanish colonies in: A. The Philippines B. Puerto Rico C. Cuba

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5. The war was mostly fought on the water so many important battles were fought by the US Navy.

Notes : 

Notes 6. Many young Americans joined the military because they wanted to fight for the United States and saw war as an exciting adventure.

Spanish American War Soldiers : 

Spanish American War Soldiers

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One very famous group of soldiers during the war was the Rough Riders, an elite regiment led by Teddy Roosevelt in the land invasion of Cuba.

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7. The United States quickly won the war against Spain.

Notes : 

Notes 8. Just about 300 American soldiers died in the war, but many more died of typhoid, a deadly disease.

Document 1: : 

Document 1:

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Document 2:

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Document 3: Important events of the Spanish-American War: 1898 February 15 U.S. battleship Maine explodes in Havana's harbor April 19–25 United States declares war on Spain. Fighting begins. May 1 Commodore George Dewey leads naval victory in Manila Bay, U.S takes the Philippines. June 29 Skirmish between U.S. and Spanish troops at Las Guásimas, near Santiago, Cuba July 1 Battles of El Caney and San Juan Hill, Cuba July 3: U.S takes control of Cuba. July 25 U.S. forces land in Guánica, Puerto Rico. American soldiers take over Puerto Rico with little resistance from Spain. August 12–13 Truce between Spain and the United States. The Philippines are surrendered by Spain. Fighting ends. December 10 Treaty of Paris officially ends the Spanish-American War. The treaty gives Puerto Rico and the Philippines to the United States; Cuba is allowed to be independent.

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