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Nobody Left to Fight? : 

Nobody Left to Fight?

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Do Now Read the short story below and answer the following questions. Why did Tio say he might not want to fight again? Why did Tio say he might fight again? Who did Tio say he might fight? A Boxer’s Story Sam Tio has nobody left to fight. Tio is a 22-year-old boxer from Flint, Michigan. He has been a middle-weight fighter since he was thirteen years old. He has won almost every fight he’s been in. The only blemish on his 25-0-1 record was a tie against his cousin Jim when he was fifteen years old. Tio is the middle-weight world champion and owns every major championship belt. Most impressively, though, Tio has won every fight by knocking out his opponent. He beats his opponents so badly that they refuse to fight him again. For now, Tio is the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. No other boxer has stepped up to challenge him. Tio has mixed feelings about his success. “I’m comfortable sitting here as the champion of the world, and I’d hate to lose my crown.” Tio said. “At the same time, though, I sort of wish there was somebody who would fight me.” “I’ve been fighting all my life,” he added. “I kind of don’t know what else to do with myself.” So far, Tio has only fought American opponents. But he said that he soon might begin to fight boxers from Europe, as well. “If any fighter from Europe tries to challenge me—or even comes close to America,” Tio said, “I’m gonna knock him out.”

Notes : 

Notes 1. The story on the previous page is an allegory. It uses one thing to stand for another. 2. “Sam Tio” stood for Uncle Sam, or the US Government.

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A. Revolutionary War 3. By 1898, the United States had fought a number of wars, including:

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B. War of 1812

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C. Civil War

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D. Mexican War

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E. Spanish-American War

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Notes 4. After the American Army defeated the all of the Spanish colonies, however, the United States had nobody left to fight. 5. Many people thought that the United States needed to expand, and have another war.

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Notes 6. One symbol of the United States who has always been involved in wars is Uncle Sam.

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