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Group Members Amir Hayat (Introduction to Poverty) Amjad Ali (Poverty in Pakistan) Khurram Akbar (Causes of Poverty) Masood Hussain (Remedies of Poverty)


POVERTY “To be poor is to be deprived of those goods and services and pleasures which others around us take for granted."

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CAUSES OF POVERTY Unemployment Unemployment rate in 2009 was 7.40 which is doubled in 2010, the current rate is 15.20% Overpopulation The estimated Population of Pakistan in 2010 is over 169,478,000,making it the world's sixth most-populous country.

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CAUSES OF POVERTY Pakistan Politics Government is unable to manage the departments and country has low reserve assets. So the meet the requirements some companies run by government are sold to foreign investors Corruption It is the condition when there is not morality and every one is trying to earn more and more by using fair and unfair means. In this whole scenario some corrupt people has been occupying the resources and common man is living in miserable conditions, which brings more poverty in the state.

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CAUSES OF POVERTY Law And Order Pakistani firms are unable to sign agreement with foreign investors due to the prevailing law and order situation. Division Of Agricultural Land Pakistan is an agricultural country. Most of people are farmers by profession. One has land which fulfilling the needs of his family but he has to divide the land into his children when they got young.

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CAUSES OF POVERTY Lack of education and opportunities

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REMEDIES OF POVERTY Make Education Sector Well Without education it is difficult to escape from poverty. This becomes a vicious circle – people who live in poverty cannot afford to send their children to school. Produce Artists, Engineers And Professional People We have to work more on technical education to produce qualified engineers and doctors to over- -come the poverty.

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REMEDIES OF POVERTY Division Of Money The division of money should be equal. Introducing Professional Institutions Government should build new professional institutions.

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REMEDIES OF POVERTY Stability Of Government Government is not well aware of present conditions of country. The policies of government are base on the suggestions of officials which do not have awareness about the problems of a common man. So government should be stable. Population Must Be Controlled The estimated Population of Pakistan in 2010 is over 169,478,000, making it the world's sixth most-populous country. Population rate should be controlled.

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REMEDIES OF POVERTY Development Of Agricultural And Industrial Sector Government should not waste national assets and utilize them to remove the poverty. And should invest more in Industrial Sector. Unemployment Government should make policies to provide employment to the Labor force.

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Let's stop this ... NOW!

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