THE third Generation computers(1966-1975)

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THE third Generation computers(1966-1975) : 

THE third Generation computers(1966-1975) The third generation computer replaced transistors with ‘Integrated Circuits’ or I.C. The ’Integrated Circuit’ or I .C. was invented by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments in 1958. An I.C. is wafer thin slice of extremely purified silicon crystals. A single I.C.has many transistors ,resistors and capacitors along with the associated circuitry encapsulated in a small package with many leads. Some key features of third generation computers are: Integrated circuits developed Power consumption lower Computer smaller, faster and more reliable High-level languages appeared NEXT


THE FOURTH GENERATION COMPUTERS(1976 PRESENT) Semiconductor memories replaced magnetic core memories. Medium scale integrated circuits yielded o large and very large scale integrated circuits packing about 50000transistors in a chip. Some key feature of the fourth generation computers: Integrated circuits , smaller and faster Micro computers series such as IBM and Apple developed . Portable computers developed Great development in data communication NEXT


THE FIFTH GENERATION COMPUTERS Fifth generation computing devices ,based on aritificial intelligence ,are still in development, thougth there are some applications . Quantum computation and molecular and nanotecnology will radicaly changet the face of computers in years to come Some key features of fifth generation computers are: Parallel processing Superconductors NEXT

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