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Exclusive Investment Opportunity Created by the Harvest Group of Companies Available to investors exclusively through General Capital Markets Ltd. Foundation Resources Oil & Gas A Canadian Private Energy Trust

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Forward Looking Statements Certain statements and figures contained herein are or may be “forward-looking statements” or “forward-looking information” (FLS) under applicable securities laws. Such FLS, including, without limitation, statements concerning future production estimates and forecasts regarding future commodity supply and pricing, involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual company and industry results or performance to be materially different than the future results, performance or achievements implied by such FLS. These factors and risks include, without limitation, assumptions and risks associated with oil and gas development, exploitation, production, marketing and transportation, access to sufficient capital, commodity prices, currency fluctuations, government regulation and royalty regimes, environmental risks, well production and performance, and other known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Please be cautioned that these factors and risks are difficult to predict and the assumptions used in the preparation of the FLS contained herein, although considered accurate by Foundation Resources at the time of preparation, may prove to be incorrect. Please be further cautioned that the above list of risks and factors is not exhaustive and there is no representation made by Foundation Resources that actual results will be the same in whole or in part as set out in the FLS. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on FLS as it is inherently uncertain. The FLS contained herein is made as at the date of this presentation, and Foundation Resources does not undertake any obligation to update or revise any of the included FLS, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. All FLS contained herein is expressly qualified by the above cautionary statements.

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This presentation does not constitute an Offering Memorandum or a solicitation for the purchase of securities. We encourage you to review the Offering Memorandum and to carry out due diligence to determine whether this investment is suitable for you. Important Investment Notes

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The Harvest Group Foundation Resources Oil and Gas is a division of the Harvest Group of Companies, which has been syndicating successful investment opportunities for 16 years to well over 13,000 investors from across Canada.

Harvest Group Mission:

Harvest Group Mission “We will make available world class investments, offering opportunities to astute investors that provide both high degrees of security and returns.”

Investment Highlights:

Investment Highlights A Private Energy Trust Trusts are tax advantaged for cash flow Current Offering is $24 million Current Unit (Share) Price of $12.00 RRSP, LIRA, RIF and TFSA eligible Minimum Investment - $4,800

Investment Features:

Investment Features In creating Foundation Resources our goal was to create a dynamic Private Energy Resource Trust that provides: Safety Regular Cash Flow Capital Appreciation Liquidity

Common Sense Strategy:

Common Sense Strategy The Two Keys to Success in Oil and Gas: You need a Great Oil and Gas Team You need Great Oil and Gas Assets

The Great Team:

The Great Team Anchored by Neo Exploration: A Private Corporation (not publicly traded) An Oil and Gas exploration and development team with well over 130 years experience Complete team of Geologists, Engineers, Financial Experts, Operators, Landmen Shares our values of integrity, minimum risk/maximum returns, worker safety, and caring for the environment

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The Great Team Foundation Capital Access to Capital Neo Exploration Oil and Gas Expertise Foundation Resources Oil & Gas Current Basket of Assets Equity in Neo Exploration Exposure to: Taber Crossfield etc. Producing Assets Crossfield Sinclair Bow Island etc. Governance & Management Operations & Consulting

Track Record First Quarter Review:

Track Record First Quarter Review $35 million raised Units were initially valued at $10 1 st OM completed April 29 th 2010 1 st full quarter ended April 30 th 2010 First Quarter Results: Capital Appreciation of 12.5% Cash Distribution 8% (Annualized)

Track Record Second Quarter Results:

Track Record Second Quarter Results Units were valued at $11.25 Additional $13.7 million raised Second quarter ended July 31 st 2010 Highlights: Another great acquisition in Manitoba Very encouraging drilling results in Sinclair Comprehensive drilling program lined up Just under $50 million raised to end of Q2

Track Record Second Quarter Results:

Track Record Second Quarter Results Total Cash Distribution Q1 = $201,202.96 Total Cash Distribution Q2 = $559,936.78 Total Cash Distribution Q3 = $853,828.09 Would have been able to achieve even better growth on distribution based on drilling except for… Rain delays

Track Record Second Quarter Results:

Track Record Second Quarter Results Capital Appreciation: New Unit Value = $12.00 6.7% increase in 2 nd quarter (26.8% annualized) Year to date = 20% increase (40% annualized) Cash Distributions: 1.5% in 2 nd quarter (6% annualized) For 1 st quarter investors 1.75% (7% APR)

The Great Team:

The Great Team Scott Rohrer – Chief Investment Officer 25 years business management experience. Project Management Instructor on 4 continents. 5 years of Real Estate and Oil & Gas project management experience. Roger J. Baker – B.Sc (Hons) Technical Team Leader Successful track record of oil and gas developments in numerous areas and formations. Founder, President and CEO of Neo Exploration Inc. Proven track record of value creation and good corporate governance. Frank M. Lowe- B.Sc Eng. P.Eng; Chief Engineer 32 years of broad asset management experience in the petroleum industry. Focused on resource exploitation, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and health safety and environmental stewardship. Implemented innovative and affordable technologies throughout Western Canada.

The Great Team:

The Great Team Brent Harris – B.Sc, P.Geol; Chief Geologist 35 years of geotechnical experience and a proven oil and natural gas finder throughout Western Canada. Credited with two of Western Canada’s recent and prolific economic discoveries Alec R. Ferguson – B.A.(Econ), CGA; Chief Financial Analyst 18 years of corporate finance, restructuring and petroleum industry experience. Executive Management experience in both the public and private sectors. Trent S. Hunter – B.Sc. (Eng), P.Eng. MBA; Business Development 18 years of multi-national industrial experience in the petroleum and forestry industries. Executive Management experience in both the public and private sectors. Kevin F. Burke-Gaffney, B.A., P.Land; Landman 25 years of land negotiating and petroleum asset management experience. Past President of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen and Past Director of the American Association of Professional Landmen.

Foundation Resources Newest Acquisition:

Foundation Resources Newest Acquisition MEDIA RELEASE July 19, 2010 CALGARY, Alberta - Foundation Resources LP, the Oil & Gas arm of Foundation Group Capital Trust, is pleased to announce an asset acquisition in the Daly, Pierson and Souris-Hartney areas of Manitoba. The 100% oil properties consist of 7 currently producing wells with a combined multi-zone oil production over 55 bbls/day. This acquisition compliments Foundation Resources existing operations in these fields and further increases the Private Trust’s exposure to Manitoba light oil resource plays with an additional 1,920 net acres of developed and undeveloped lands. Management believes that the acquired properties have the potential for additional oil reserves recovery, utilizing advancements in horizontal drilling and completion technologies. Trent S. Hunter Business Development

Foundation Resources Newest Acquisition:

Foundation Resources Newest Acquisition Current production of 55 BBLS / day Primarily Lodgepole Formation Potential to increase to 200+ BBLS/ day Development Strategy: Enhance productivity from current wells in Daly & Pierson fields At least two new multi-leg horizontals @ Souris-Hartney field Souris-Hartney

Projections Third Quarter Plans:

Projections Third Quarter Plans Lined Up Drilling Plans (90 – 120 days): 2- 3 multi-frac completion horizontal wells in the Cardium (Crossfield); FROG has about 85% interest in these wells 9 - multi-frac completion horizontal wells in the Bakken (Sinclair), with 12.5%-50% interest in the wells Total of 11 new wells currently planned

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The Great Assets Natural Gas Taber, Alberta Foundation Resources has an equity position in a very large shallow gas field in the Taber area, discovered by Neo Exploration in 2006. Drilled 53 wells so far (all successful) Enough land to drill well over 2,000 more “Assembly line” economics & economy of scale Infrastructure in place (compressor and pipeline) Low risk, low royalty, low cost Huge capital appreciation potential

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The Great Assets Neo’s Milk River Land Holdings The Milk River Pool has produced 12 Trillion (12 TCF) cubic feet of gas, which has yielded to date tens of billions of dollars in revenues The Abbey Field was discovered in 2001 and is expected to produce 1 TCF Neo Taber Pool was discovered in 2006 and could yield greater than .5 TCF of recoverable gas. To date, Neo land holdings captures approximately 50% of the outlined discovery

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The Great Assets Neo’s Milk River Land Holdings 100,000 acres 2,000 + new wells 100% success rate

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The Great Assets Cardium Oil Crossfield, Alberta: One of the oldest Alberta oil plays reborn through advances in drilling & completion technology. 40 years of oil production history Only a fraction (10%) of oil has been produced New horizontal drilling, multi-frac drilling technology can increase productivity over 10 fold It’s the hottest play in Alberta, Access to the mineral rights to 12.25 sections (7,840 acres)

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New Technology In old oil play

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The Great Assets Cardium Oil 46 new wells 31 existing wells

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Sinclair, Manitoba: Foundation Resources has secured 11.4 sections with two productive oil formations - Bakken and Lodgepole Acquisition was completed April 27 th , 2010 Lands are jointly held properties (50/50) Currently have 26 + wells Current Net production is 200 + barrels /day Most recent result – a short-leg horizontal came in at over 90 barrels per day (50% higher then projected) The Great Assets Bakken and Lodgepole Oil

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The Great Assets Bakken and Lodgepole Oil Neo Exploration Inc. 18 40 (20 net) new wells existing wells 4,600 net acres 18 +5

Future Acquisitions:

Future Acquisitions In addition... Relying on Neo Exploration’s expertise, Foundation Resources intends to take advantage of this fantastic market to pick up other cash-flowing and capital-appreciation assets, to further improve our already strong asset position.

Investment Features:

Investment Features Safety of Investment Expert field management Low-risk, in-fill drilling in proven areas Oil and gas diversification Hedging to reduce price volatility Min. overhead to lower break-even point

Investment Features:

Investment Features Regular Cash Flow High-quality production acquisitions Development with horizontal wells Quarterly distributions Initial target of 6 - 10% First Quarter Distribution – 8% annualized FOCUS to enhance cash flow with development & future acquisitions

Investment Features:

Investment Features Capital Appreciation Focus on development of Crossfield , Bow Island and Sinclair plays Future development of Taber gas field Current price is $12.00/unit Year to date Capital Appreciation – 20 % Target of 2x appreciation in 2-3 years

Investment Features:

Investment Features Liquidity Units are Redeemable (conditionally) at any time 10% penalty within 2 years Can be redeemed by CASH or interest bearing Note

Investment Summary:

Investment Summary Trust Unit Price and Value… What is a “Trust Unit”? Net Asset Value calculation completed quarterly Annual third party audit to confirm valuation Asset values are impacted by: Industry expectations of future oil and gas pricing Great acquisitions Progress on the development of assets we hold Land values appreciation

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Investment Options

Quotes of Note:

Quotes of Note “Natural gas must replace petroleum... It's cleaner, it's cheaper, it's ours, and it's abundant," …"And boy, you can't beat that.“… “It is [Natural gas is] 50% cleaner than diesel and gasoline” T Boone Pickens Fortune Magazine Staff “My formula for success?... Rise early. Work late. Strike oil.” J. Paul Getty

Thank you:

Thank you For further information Contact A General Capital Markets Inc Investment Representative or visit

Thank you:

Thank you General Capital Markets Ltd. A Federal Corporation Head Office : 1100 Burloak Drive, Suite 702, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6B2 Branch Office: to be established at 11410 – 27 th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 3R6;

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