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Clean Company Program for Supplier / Vendor Procurement Dept. & HCSS Dept. May 2010

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Service Excellent Teamwork Integrity Develop experience of “trustworthiness” for our customers Develop clean and comfortable internal working environment for employee Develop clean business partnership with third parties with compliance to procedure & policies Objective

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Clean Company in XL XL’s Employees XL’s Vendors XL employees are held to our XL’s Business Ethic on how we work with our customers, vendors and others stakeholder XL requires Vendors and its employee to confirm with XL’s Business Ethics standards

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Preparation Bidding Project Implementation Day to day cooperation Problem resolution Maintain relationships Critical issues Interactions & Critical Issues Bribes, Kickbacks, Commissions Gift & Gratuities Protecting XL Assets Conflict of Interest XL’s Name and Logo Uncompromised integrity and professionalism in our business relationships “ fishing-around “ “ bluffing ” “ name dropping “

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Silent Period during Tender Process Note: Any budgetary proposal must be carbon-copied to CPU.

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YOU’ have WARNED! SEND ‘EM OFF Any indication of violation may result: XL employees: disciplinary action to XL Employees, up to termination. Suppliers (including acts by its employees): rejection of vendor proposal including future bidding, up to blacklisting XL may seek restitution and legal action, if necessary and where appropriate Consequences of violation

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No PO, No Work, No Invoice !! Open PO >9 months old will be cancelled. Invoicing >3 months after acceptance will be rejected. Vendor shall conduct Clean Administration

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Conflict of Interest XL employee and 1 st degree family member are restricted to have ownership in vendor’s company Ownership of the 2 nd degree family member shall be declared. For tender purpose, any significant personal relationship include close friends shall be declared to anticipate any potential conflict.

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Bribes, Kickbacks, Commissions, or receiving cash in any form are strictly prohibited. Entertainment, gift, and parcel including for traditional festivals, celebrations, nor birthday are prohibited. Exception; door-prize on public event that is attended by other companies. Vendors are prohibited to send any gift, parcel, nor same kind to XL employee’s house. It shall be rejected, or to be sent to XL’s HCD. Receiving Business Gift is prohibited

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Any invitation shall not be used for future business advantage. Fairness and Professionalism shall be governed. Any doubt of potential conflict shall be consulted to direct superior / HCSS Example of Events

Letter of Commitment :

Letter of Commitment

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Whistle Blow Committee Email :

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Thank You

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