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Room on the roof by:-Ruskin Bond Ruskin Bond , born 19 May 1934, is an Indian author of British descent. [1] He is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children's authors and a top novelist. In 1992 he received the Sahitya Akademi award for English writing, for his short stories collection, "Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra", by the Sahitya Akademi , India's National Academy of Letters [2] in India . He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1999 for contributions to children's literature. He now lives with his adopted family in Landour near Mussoorie .

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RUSTY Rusty is the main character of the story “The room on the roof” written by Ruskin Bond. He is an orphaned Anglo-Indian who is of sixteen years. He spends most of his time in studying himself. He is afraid of his strict guardian and never breaks his rules. His guardian wants him to grow as an English man but Rusty is never interested in growing on European lines. Agitated and frustrated by his guardian’s strict attitude towards him he leaves his guardian’s home and goes in bazaar and becomes interested in Indian life and culture. He starts loving his friend’s mother Meena Kapoor who is much older than him and starts living with her. He is courageous and daring. When all his friends leave him all alone in Dehra ,he doesn’t give his hope and try to finds Kishen in Haridwar. He is overall well-mannered and a true friend.

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RANBIR Ranbir is a youth boy but he has the appearance of a man due to his well built body. He has a burly figure. He is the best wrestler in the bazaar but he never boasts of it. He is kind to everyone and is a good friend as he personally goes to Rusty to call him for celebration of Holi . He is very patient also as when Rusty does not come to the forest, he sits on the ground and waits until Rusty comes. Overall he is very kind, generous and strong.

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SURI Suri is one of the friends of Rusty. He is bespectacled and possesses a criminal cunning. He is respected and despised by all who know him . He rarely goes out of the town for his interests are confined to people in town and their privacies but has a habit of leaking privacies and making them public.

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SOMI Somi is one of the peers of Rusty. Somi is a sikh boy who wears turban and a bangle and a rich gold complexion. He has nice features. He is very friendly and it is impossible to resist the warmth of his nature. He is very kind as when he saw rusty drenching in the rain he asked him if he wanted to get a lift. He is very convincing and calms Rusty when his clothes get dry with cabbage water whom he regards as filth and gets annoyed. He is also very helping and helps Rusty in his hard time when he has no home. It is due to his attractive nature that rusty regards him as his best friend.

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KISHEN Kishen is one of the best friends of Rusty. He is a work shirker and convinces Rusty to give false report to his parents. He is very extravagant and keeps on spending money on chaat stall and cinema. Though he is very clever to everyone but to Rusty he is very kind. He regards Rusty as his brother. He is a true friend and doesn’t bothers much even when he comes to know that Rusty loves his mother but due to poor circumstances he becomes a thief and starts robbing people. But when Rusty found him he helped him by giving food.

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MR.JOHN HARRISON Mr. John Harrison is one of the characters of the story “The room on the roof” and is guardian of Rusty. He is a tall man and looks young. His hobbies include hunting deer and wild pig. He has a small ginger toothbrush. Though he cares for Rusty and sends him to an expensive school run entirely on European lines. He wants to see Rusty growing as an English man. He is without any feelings and hardly gave quality time to him. He doesn’t allow Rusty to go into the bazaar and mingle with Indians. He is very strict and imposes many restrictions on Rusty. He has caged Rusty’s freedom but as we all know freedom can never be caged therefore Rusty also breaks his guardian’s rules and leaves his house for ever.

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