Training Effectiveness

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Training Effectiveness: : 

Training Effectiveness: -Why, What and How of Effective Training.

Training: : 

Training: “ A systematic development of knowledge, skills and attitudes required by an individual to perform adequately a given task or job.” Michael Armstrong. Author of “A Handbook of Human Resource (Personnel) Management Practice”.

Why Training? : 

Why Training? Improving Employees’ Performance Updating Employee Skills Avoiding Managerial Obsolescence Preparing for Promotion and Managerial Succession. Retaining and Motivating Employees Creating an Efficient and Effective Organization

Effectiveness in Training: : 

Effectiveness in Training: What is Effectiveness in Training? How to achieve effectiveness? How to measure Training Effectiveness?

What is Effectiveness? : 

What is Effectiveness? Dictionary Meaning: “producing intended or expected result”

How to achieve Effectiveness? : 

How to achieve Effectiveness?

Mandates of Effective Training: : 

Mandates of Effective Training: The objective of training should be in interest of the organization. The deliverance should be specific, interesting and should meet the objective of training. The level of acceptance of the audience should be positive. The facilitator should make the sessions interactive and activity oriented. The receiver should be adaptable and listen empathetically instead of being reluctant and a by stander.

How to measure Effectiveness: : 

How to measure Effectiveness: Kirkpatrick’s 4 level Evaluation Model:

Questions if any??? : 

Questions if any???

Thank you… : 

Thank you… Miss Vani N. Fitter.

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