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STATUS OF PLANS & GOALS Rotary Year 2010-11 As of October 5, 2010:

STATUS OF PLANS & GOALS Rotary Year 2010-11 As of October 5, 2010 Presentation before: Governor Ed R. Alvarez & District 3830 Officers Makati Sports Club Rotary Club Makati-EDSA

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Rotary International District 3830 ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI EDSA Rotary Year 2010 – 2011 CLUB OFFICERS & CHAIR FOR RY 2010-2011 Marilou (Malou ) Maligaya - Membership Jerome Antonio (Tonton) Constantino - TRF Enrique (Ricky) Santos - New Gen Jazmin (Jaz) Rodriguez - Public Relations Victoria (Bingbing) Singson - VP,Discon Promo, PE Elizabeth (Bibs) Figueroa - Secretary & Administration Ofelia (Ofel) Flores - Club Finance Elsie (LC) Estete - IPP & Board Member Carlos (Caloy) Yturzaeta - Pres,Service Proj.& DMT REGULAR MEETING : Thursdays, Makati Sports Club, 6-8PM Email: & Website: <>

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Rotary International District 3830 COMMITMENT FORM Rotary Year 2010 – 2011 My Rotary Club will have a net membership gain of TWO (2) for RY 2010 – 2011. My Rotary Club will not charter new club/s in RY 2010 – 2011. My Rotary Club will raise the following contributions to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) for RY 2010 – 2011: Paul Harris Fellows (US$1,000 each) TWO (2)* Sustaining Paul Harris Fellows (US$100 each) THREE (3) ** Major Gift Donors (US$10,000 each) NONE My Club will have SEVEN (7) attendees to the District Assembly on May 8, 2010. My Club will have TEN (10) attendees to the District Handover on July 2, 2010. My Club will have TEN (10) attendees to the District Conference on March 18 – 19, 2011.

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DISTRICT 3830 THRUSTS FOR RY 2010 - 2011 1. Net Membership gain of two members, provided that small will endeavor to reach charter strength of 20 members each. DONE. 2. Membership retention rate of 90%. DONE 3. Contribution to The Rotary Fund (TRF) of $100 per Rotarian. PARTLY DONE. BEFORE END OCT. 4. As our contribution to Environmental Protection, each Club will plant trees at two trees per Rotarian this coming Rotary Year. WILL DO BEFORE DEC 5. Club signature project on any of RI Pres. Ray’s Areas of Focus. PARTLY DONE . 6. In line with the District-wide Disaster Preparedness Management Program, each Club should organize a Disaster Management Team. DONE

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RI PRESIDENT REY KLINGINSMITH AREAS OF FOCUS 1. Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution 2. Disease Prevention and Treatment 3. Water and Sanitation 4. Maternal and Child Health 5. Basic Education and Literacy 6. Economic and Community Development

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CHILDREN NUTRITION Porridge feeding of 140 children of RCC Members in Amparo coinciding with on July 10 One time giving of Dole tomato sauce to 200 families of RCC members, and other less privileged families residing within the Tala Leprosarium community area thru the CFC cluster of Barangay 179 in Amparo. PENDING COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT : Will adopt two Pre-School Centers for weekly feeding with about 60 students for the month of November and December.


LITERACY Adult literacy – 125 members of Barangay 179 attended the Orientation on the Rotary International Rotary Community Corp and how it can be a powerful force in shaping a community-July 3. Conducted by PP Jaz R.. Adult literacy – 140 new members RCC Amparo attended 3 short talks entitled “Printing Business Made Easy”, Effective Volunteer Pre-School Teachers” and “Livelihood Options for RCC” on July 17 conducted by GP Caloy, Anne Pia & PP Harry Dacumos. Adult literacy – 130 RCC members attended short talk of Gov Ed on being effective RCC in the community and harness available resources in Rotary. July 31.


LITERACY2 Adult literacy – 7 RCC leaders & GP Caloy attended the lecture on Prostate Cancer Awareness conducted by Dr. Joseph Lee thru RC Guadalupe Nuevo. Sep 7 at the Arch Center Club. Adult literacy – 7 RCC leaders/teachers & GP Caloy attended the various activities including lectures & visit different booths at the District Literacy Event jointly held by 10 RCs on Sep 8 at the A-Venue. Adult literacy – 109 RCC members attended the talk of DGN Sue on being effective RCC group especially in conducting livelihood programs. Sep 11 Amparo,Caloocan


LITERACY3 Adult literacy – 101 RCC members attended the seminar on powder detergent making and bath soap making based on coconut oil and papaya conducted by Klenz on Sep 11, at the Anthony Lee Livelihood Center,Caloocan. Children Literacy – 140 children of RCC members received bags, tumblers and educ support fund of P300 each, short lecture from AG Patti on July 10 at the Barangay Multi Purpose Hall, Amparo, Caloocan. Children literacy – 200 children of RCC members and families of Barangay 179 received Super Pinoy Kid Comics, books and short lecture on values formation thru reading conducted by RCC leaders on Sep 19 at various Ancop villages s in Amparo Village, Caloocan


LITERACY4 Conducted a Stress Management Lecture For Rotarians at the joint meeting of RC Puerto Princesa & Puerto Princesa Central, Sep 22 PENDING COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT - Educ support fund for 10 high school students in Cembo HS. - Christmas gift distribution to 140 children of RCC Amparo first week of December -Disaster Management-prevention, preparedness and response and relief operations within October -Career setting for HS students in Barangay 179 sometime December


WATER & SANITATION 15 familes (with 45 children) received P30K donation for water pipes to connect from Maynilad with counterpart of volunteer labor for installing such pipes and P3K per family for meter base. July 31 at Mt. Heights GK Village.


LIVELIHOOD Granted P20K livelihood support fund to the Amparo 3 NFA-Bigasan License Rice Retailer Association Project to benefit more than 100 families at Barangay 179 with a counterpart of P15K for licensing and store supplies. July 10 Granted P10K to Amparo 2 GK Printshop Livelihood Association to benefit about 24 resident-families with P7K counterpart for licensing & printing supplies. July 17.


LIVELIHOOD2 Granted P10K initial marketing support fund for coconut based powder detergent and coco-papaya based batch soap to North A Hold GK Village soap business and also 20 families underwent seminar. Sep. 11


HEALTH & WELLNESS Provided 8 electric fans worth P10K to four (4) Ancop-Pre School centers in Barangay 179 that will benefit 120 pre-school children. Each school is about 30 square meters and proper ventillation is needed to avoid respiratory diseases at the same time classroom will be conducive children learning. July 3. 7 RCC leaders attended the Prostate Cancer Awareness lecture who will cascade the learnings to about 50 male members of RCC Amparo. Seminar was conducted thru RC Guadalupe Nuevo on Sep 7. P2,500 Donation to Phil Medical Dental Society for their various dental mission thru Rtn. Dra. Aster Campanero-Aug Medical Dental Service at Silang, Cavite farm of Rtn Ditas Crisostomo with about 100 patients. Sep 18


HEALTH & WELLNESS2 Wellness program for 5 weeks for RCME Team Members at the District Bowling Tourney, Sep 5-Oct 3 PENDING HEALTH & WELLNESS PROJECTS - Dengue Prevention at Amparo Elementary School with 3,000 students tentatively set end Oct or early Nov. - Dengue Prevention at Monterey, Montalban as well as Medical Dental Mission on November 6. - Medical Dental in GMA, Cavite for the “Lolo and Lola Project of RCME” tentatively set on Nov; 27 - Distribution of medicines from PCSO to RCC Amparo, Lolo at Lola in GMA, Cavite and Monterey, Montalban, November


ENVIRONMENT Installation of commercial water system at Mt. Heights GK Village thereby giving 15 families the opportunity to grow vegetables and fruits and other medicinal plants in the vacant lot beside the village. PENDING COMMUNITY PROJECT - Bamboo Tree-planting at Monterey, Montalban - project leader Dirs. Myrna Magalong and Chat Guerra/ - Ideal Village Contest among 7 RCC communities in in Novaliches, Caloocan focusing on self reliance and sustainability, sometime December.


PEACE & CONFLICT RESOLUTION P10K funding Support (plus laptop, printer, cellphone, electric fan, collapsible document bags, ) to Restorative Justice ministry of the Archdiocese of Manila thru Servants of the Holy Eucharist to decongest over-crowded prison cells in Caloocan & Quezon City as well as re-integration training. Sep 11. P8K Funding Support to the DSWD Trainors Training on Marriage Counseling, family conflict resolution in Makati, Taguig and Pasay City, June 15 at the Makati City Hall.


PEACE & CONFLICT RESOLUTION2 Donation of P20K (P30K with matching grant) to RSF/Tuloy for peace and order in the streets and saving street children from becoming problems in the society. The first to turn-over on Sep 7 before Fr. Rocky E. of Tuloy, Angel of Hope Tin Can No. 054 from Rtn. Rene Punsalan in support of the RSF and Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation. RCME Donation of P300K (to be matched by the team of Chairman Edwin A for another P150K) raised during the birthday celeb of PP Roger G at Makati Sports Club


DISASTER MANAGEMENT RCME attended the launching and lecture on District Disaster Management on August 5 at Villamor Museum conducted by Red Cross and many others. RCME attended the Cluster Disaster Management Team Meeting conducted by PP Ace Tolentino at Metro Club on August 24 together with other Rotary Clubs in Makati. Sponsored 3 RCC Leaders to the Earthquake Disaster and Response Lecture conducted by Philvocs thru the RC of Rockwell on Sep 14 at the Arch Center Club P13K sponsorship for 2 Disaster Relief Boxes under the safekeeping of District DMT, Sep 21


DISASTER MANAGEMENT2 PENDING COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT - Disaster Management Training to RCC Amparo, Barangay 179 officials and CFC cluster leaders in the area, sometime end of October or November. - Preparation of Disaster Management Manual for RCC Amparo as well as Disaster Relief Manual for RCME sometime December


PR & COMREL Gift giving of 40 boxes of Dole Products to marginalized residents of Tala Leprosarium Admin compound thru the RCC of RCME, July Shoes from RC Anseong Korea were distributed to the members of the GK Villages in Amparo, Caloocan, Aug. 8 electric fans to 4 Ancop Community Pre School centers and P12 gift to 12 Pre-School Volunteer-Teachers, July. Sharing the medicines worth about P160K from RC Buendia to RCC members & the Barangay 179 Health Center , September 5 and still on-going dispensing


PR & COMREL2 Coordination with Officers of Barangay 179, Officers of 8 GK Villages, HS & Elem school officials and CFC leaders in the area on all community service projects of RCME in Amparo and nearby areas-May 8, July 3, 10, 17, 31 August, Sep 4, 11, 12, 17, 29 and to present time. Sponsored/paid P10K for Rotary International Advertisement on 8 Victory Liner Buses, Sep, launching at MOA & EDSA on Oct 19 at 2pm Various News articles and project features at the District 3830 Website and Governor’s Monthly Letter for the months of July, August and September


PR & COMREL3 PENDING COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS - Gift giving to 12 Lolo at Lola in GMA Cavite as well as providing them with medicines, sometime December - Disaster Management Training to Barangay 179 officials and CFC cluster leaders in the area, sometime end of October or November. - Defogging at Monterey, Montalban and Amparo Elementary School in Caloocan as Dengue Prevention in November - Distribution of Medicines from PCSO to Barangay 179, Monterey, Montalban and GMA. Cavite.


BRIDGING CONTINENTS RCME represented at the 100 th RI Montreal Convention with DGE Billy Villareal & Anne Beth, June 19-23 8 RCME attended induction ceremonies of RC of Anseong Korea, and exchanged Rotary experiences, June 17-20. Hosted 6 delegates from RC Anseong who attended RCME induction ceremonies to golf, dinner& lunch fellowships, out of town tours, July 17-21. PENDING PROJECT OF BRIDGING CONTINENTS : - Discon of RC Malaysia District 3300 in Kuala Lumpur, Dec - 101th RI Convention, New Orleans, May 2011


FELLOWSHIPS RCME MEMBERS FELLOWSHIPS All community service projects starting with the Needs Assessment of actual implementation afforded the RCME to enjoy each others company resulting to more than getting to know each other but becoming comrades in doing “service above-self” activities. July 17-20 while the RC Anseong members are in Manila, July 29 at Jade Vine, August 1 at PP Roger Sardea’s residence, Aug 11 at visit to Tuloy, Sep 7 at PPs fellowship, Sep 16 & 17 during the birthday celebration of PPs Roger G, Jaz,Tonton & Ann Beth Sardea. August 26 Golf and Luncheon fellowship among members and guests of GP Caloy at Villamor golf Club, raising P100K in additional funds for the club’s future projects. Sep 5-Oct 5 participation at the Bowling tourney.


FELLOWSHIPS2 FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER CLUBS Participation in various Induction Ceremonies from July 2 to present time. August 11 visit to Tuloy with other club members of the Cluster under AG Patti. Bloc Mondays in August & September at Oyster Bar & Basilio’s Resto Bar with Governor Ed & wife Mariz, district officers and GPs. August 27 Governor’s Cup at Orchard Golf Club Sep 5-Oct 3 District Bowling tournament with 20 other Bowling Teams. Sep 7 Prostate Cancer Awareness & Sep 8 District Literacy Event. Sep 22 and Sep 25 with RC Puerto Princesa & Puerto Princesa Central. Golf Tourney of RC Rizal West & Mini Concert of RC San Nicolas in July & August at the same time helped in their fund raising projects.


ROTARY TRAINING Pre-PETs Training, AIM Center, Makati City – Sep-Dec 2009 PETs TrainingPuerto Princesa, Palawan – Feb. 25-28, 2010 DISCON, Sofitel Hotel, Manila – March 2010 DISTAS, AIM Center, May 2010 Membership Recruitment Seminar, AIM Center, May 22, 2010 Attendance to the 101 st RI Convention in Montreal with all the plenary sessions and selected breakout sessions


ROTARY TRAINING2 TRF/Matching Grant Workshop, AIM Center, July 2010 Membership Retention Seminar, AIM Center, August 2010 DRIA Assembly, Tuloy sa Don Bosco, July 2010 District Disaster Mgnt Launching & Training, Aug 5, 2010 International Literacy Day, Makati City, Sep 2010 New Gen Conference, Makati Coliseum, Makati City, Sep 2010 New Gen Conference, RC Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Sep 2010 Rotary Leadership Development Program, Oct 23



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