Battle Royale

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Battle Royale:

Battle Royale By: Koushun Takami

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What would you do if your class was selected by the government to participate in a program where the objective was to fight and kill your classmates until there was only one left standing

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Would you fight and play the government’s twisted game just for your own survival?

Girl #11 Mitsuko Souma:

Girl #11 Mitsuko Souma

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Would you try to form a group and attempt an escape?

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Boy #15 Nanahara Shuya Boy #19 Mimura Shinji

Girl #2 Yukie Utsumi:

Girl #2 Yukie Utsumi

Slide 8:

Would you search for the one you love, knowing others may very well be playing, despite the dangers?

Boy #11 Sugimura Hiroki:

Boy #11 Sugimura Hiroki

Slide 10:

Would you leave your decision up to chance?

Boy #6 Kiriyama Kazuo:

Boy #6 Kiriyama Kazuo

Slide 12:

Or, if you had already won a previous program, insert yourself into the next one just to tear up the program from the inside?

Boy #5 Kawada Shogo:

Boy #5 Kawada Shogo

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What would you do?

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