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Terrorism : 


What Is Terrorism? : 

What Is Terrorism? Use of violence (or threat) in order to attain goals. Done by intimidation or fear. Two types of Terrorism: International Terrorism and Domestic Terrorism International Terrorism P

What Starts Terrorism? : 

What Starts Terrorism? Religious Reasons Each religion has their own thoughts of a perfect world. Defines a specific interpretation of that belief. Acts in hopes to spread a belief, view or opinion. Religious, political or social goals behind actions… Example… 9-11

Political Reasons : 

Political Reasons Make their views known by violent actions to generate fear Example: Weather Underground Weather Underground : An American radical left organization.

Slide 5: 

Bombed the United States Capital Conducted an armed robbery of a truck Blew up a townhouse Political Reasons and dictatorship of the lower social class.” violent overthrow of the US government “Their goal was to create a secret revolutionary party for the

How Does Terrorism Affect The World? : 

How Does Terrorism Affect The World? “Effectiveness of terrorism is first and foremost measured by the fear inspired in the target – population and government alike.” Because of Terrorism: -More Security -Less Trust -Racism

Who Are The Terrorists? : 

Who Are The Terrorists?

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