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In October 2010, Australian entrepreneur Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin embarked on a bold business challenge: become the Smallest Multinational in the World. Follow Sebastien's whirlwind journey around the world as he attempts to prove that with the right entrepreneurial spirit, you don't need to be big to be big. Sebastien International tells the inspiring story of a unique business adventure. Watch his video and be inspired @

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The definition of the young entrepreneur (Male and Female) means - business owners between the age group of 21 and 45 years, youth-owned Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or independently owned businesses as Partnership or Proprietorship and entrepreneurs involved in business as Director, Chairman, MD in Corporate or Multinational. Qualities of an Entrepreneur Self confidence Passion and vision Risk taking Persistence Hard work Commitment to the people Opportunity recognition Strong control systems Also the entrepreneurs above 45 years will be defined as senior entrepreneurs who will be mentors of the young entrepreneurs for day-to-day guidance by providing assistance for better growth

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Mr Sathish Babu Founder, UniverCell Telecommunications India Pvt Ltd, Chennai. *In the early days the Indian Mobile Retailing industry was highly fragmented with no organized retail players. *Mobile handsets were expensive with the grey market players dominating the market. no branded showrooms to showcase an entire range of products Mr. D. Sathish Babu founded UniverCell in November, 1997

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* Mr Sathish Babu made a name for himself at a time when the organised mobile retail market was literally non-existent. * When he started out, hardly one per cent of the mobile handsets were sold through regular retail, with the balance being sold through the grey market. Studying the buying behavior of his customers, he concluded that consumers really wanted informed shopping decisions with both comfort and a high degree of service. *Now there are 200,000 people buying UniverCell handsets every month. This is the highest of any retailer in India. *One out of every three handsets sold in the market is from UniverCell.

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Univercell has the lowest attrition rate in the retail business & is growing 3 times faster than the market average. Today, Univercell has grown to a 300 store organisation that makes over Rs.467 crores in revenue, employs 1500 people and is spread across 170 towns. Awarded the best mobile retail partner by Nokia * It is proud of the fact that UniverCell is recognised even beyond India. Carphone Warehouse, a global mobile phone retailer, is looking at a tie up with UniverCell

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THE UNIVERCELL DIFFERENTIATORS * UniverCell having the first mover advantage has pioneered its way through the mobile industry * The first mobile retailer to provide Bill & warranty on every purchase * Exchange offers * Quality Management process ISO 9000-2001 certified Best After Sales Service Mobilephone e-shop,

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