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Objectives: At the end of 45-minute session, the students will be able to: a. demonstrates that factoring polynomial having common factors is the inverse process of multiplying a polynomial by a monomial; b. find the greatest common factor; and c. participate in class activities.

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Factor -portion of a quantity, usually an integer or polynomial that, when multiplied by other factors, gives the entire quantity Product - the result of multiplying, or an expression that identifies factors to be multiplied. Distributive Law - one of the basic laws of algebra, says: a(b+c)=ab+ac. This is handy for simplifying, by getting rid of parentheses. Factoring an expression like ab+ac=a(b+c) is the distributive law backwards. It too can help to simplify, as maybe the a or b+c can be divided out of a bigger equation somehow.

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4a(3a-4b) What are the factors? What is the product? 12a2 - 16ab

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Examples: 2a (m+5n)= 3x (2x-1)= 3. a2 (a2+b2)= 2am + 10an 6x2 - 3x a4 + a2b2 Product Greatest common factor 2a 3x a2

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What is the greatest common factor ? axy + az 6m + 6n 4a2 + 12a What is the product?

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Board work: By Group. (5 Members each group) Each member will given a chance to write on the board. Define the greatest common factor and the product of each polynomial 12xy2 + 6x = 3xy – 6xy +9y= 4a – 16ab= 12abc – 4ac – 3ab= 16bc + 16abc

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Assignment: ¼ sheet of paper. Find the greatest common factor of the following 9y + 18y 7x + 21x 10xyz - 110xyz -12ab +120ab 24x – 48xy

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End Prepared by: Mary Grace Briones BSED-MATH2

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