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Laser machining is great for cutting out decorative film, we use it all the time. Great slideshow!

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Government Polytechnic, Amravati A Seminar on “Laser Beam Machining” Presented By : Mr. Parimal P. Deshmukh IInd Year Mech. Engg. (09ME014)

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What is LASER ??? : Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiations.

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The Laser , Atom Connection:

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How does photons Emits ??

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LASER LIGHT - Characteristics of LASER :

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Introduction : * What is Laser Beam Machining ?

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Process Characteristics The whole process is carried out with programmable Machineries.

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Types Of LASER

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Ruby Laser Ruby rod (Al2O3Cr)

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Cut section of Ruby Rod

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CO2 Gas Laser System Construction

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Advantages Of CO2 Gas Laser

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Design Showcase

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Applications 1) Processing of all kinds of materials like plastic ,leather ,cork etc. 2) In LBM , Laser cuts decorative film. 3)Partial trimming of instrumental panel. 4)Production of vacuum holes or micro drill holes for improved lining. 5) Laser trimming of exterior parts of such as bumpers, car doors, fuel tanks etc

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Conclusion Thus we have studied the Laser beam machining and their types. Further we have studied their advantages , limitations and applications in industrial cutting. References 1) 2) 3)

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Thank You Everybody !!!! Questions Please !!!!!

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