Water Pollution

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Water Pollution : 

Water Pollution Ellen Merrill BSC 2007 Dr. Holliday

Definition : 

Definition Presence in water of harmful or objectionable material in sufficient quantity to measurably degrade water quality. Water pollution refers to the addition of foreign substances (pollutants) to a water source.

Causes : 


Effects : 

Effects Prevents sunlight from reaching aquatic plants Animals can die from oil spills Humans who drink contaminated water can become sick/die Enhanced growth of some bacteria in water & increase the concentration of bacteria to hazardous levels Decreases the ability of the aquatic system to hold oxygen & raises the growth of warm water species Heavy metal poisoning Flora and fauna in different water sources, which then effects the birds and other animals that consume those. Disease, death, or cancer can result.

How do I contribute to WATER POLLUTION? : 

How do I contribute to WATER POLLUTION? Not using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, shampoos, and body washes The perfumes and sprays that I use on a daily basis Washing my car in the driveway and letting the chemicals get in to the sewage system

Solutions : 

Solutions Reestablishing wetlands to act as a buffer zone to runoff and to assist in filtering pollutants Drive less to reduce the amount of air pollution being emitted into the environment and minimize the amount of nitrogen deposition. Improve the sewage treatment system to stop the leaks in the pipes. Conserve water Improve storm water management. Monitor watershed Stop deforestation to soak up the rain water and prevent runoff from occurring.

Sources : 

Sources http://www.water-pollution.org.uk/causes.html http://www.buzzle.com/articles/effects-of-water-pollution.html http://takecareofwater.blogspot.com/

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