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EDUU 563: Curriculum Leadership & Instructional Technology Prof. Sandra Combs Lininger, Ph.D.Curriculum   Brandman University College Fall I 2010 Foreign Language Teaching Specifics of Global Warming (GW) Instructional Lesson for DLI Students Learning Arabic Language   By Nagat Zeinelabdin

Objectives and Content : 

Objectives and Content Students should know how to handle scientific vocabulary about the environment. For proper language leaning, students engage in a task to classify data, recognize perspectives, and consider the multiple aspects of a problem. In Arabic, students examine the definition, the factors, processes and consequences of GW. The teaching involves all language skills (i.e., listening, reading, writing, and speaking).

Teaching Tasks : 

Teaching Tasks Students work in groups to explore the features, reasons, impacts, and consequences of GW. Students consider land-use, industry and mining, wild life, and GW practices. Students address: Causes, effects, consequences, and plans. Each group will present and each student will share the presentation. Each group will make a presentation using images and maps showing locations where the problem may pose a threat. Students make the tasks and the teacher facilitate the process.

Evaluation methods : 

Evaluation methods Reading notes and listening to the views by classmates and participation in definition is 50% of the class evaluation. Working in groups to discuss, writing down, and presenting the subject is the second 50% part.

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