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Hello everyone!!* I’m Herlin Estrada, I’m 18. My husband and daughter. My family. I Like hanging out

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MERRY CHRISTMAS People decorate their houses! Kids wait for Santa or Baby Jesus! Family have dinner!! People exchange gifts. People are happy celebrating! People go to church! Wait for the NEW YEAR.

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On Thursday we paint our house. On Tuesday we decorate our house. On Wednesday we make our hallacas. On Monday we go shopping. On Saturday my daughter and I make Santa’s letter. On Sunday we go to church. On Friday we go to the mall.

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Reflexion. People get excited in every chance they have to celebrated! It doesn’t matter if we really believe, we like have reasons to smile! Even when everything goes wrong and life gets hard, we will find something to live for. That’s why we don’t care about if we believe in halloween or in Jesus, we just care about an excuse to be in family, with friends sharing love!

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