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URBE Radio - Chapter 1 Beatriz Garcia Introduction 1.- How can you describe yourself? 2.- What things do you l like and hate? 3.- What would you l like t o do in the future? 4.- How many children would you like t o have? 5.- What do you think about learning English? Movies 6.- Do you like watching movies? 7- What kind of movies do you like? 8.- Which is your favorite movie? 9.- Who is your favorite actor / actress?

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Teenage Dream Now hearing: By: Katy Perry

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URBE Radio - Chapter 2 Kelvis Finol Technology 1.- Tell me something about your favorite gadget? 2.- Why do you like it? 3.- How often do you use i t? 3.- Would you like to have a new one? College life 6.- What can you tell me about your career? 7- Do you like your career? 8.- What do you like the most?

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Damn it Janet Now hearing: By: Glee Cast

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