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this presentation deals with the online library management system according to SDLC by Pooja Patial.


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Online Library Management System Submitted By: Pooja Patial B.Tech(C.Sc.) Roll no. CS-09-B(Tc)-05


INTRODUCTION Deals in all the requirements needed for managing the library. Process of maintaining data about books, transactions such as issue and return. The user need not visit the library every time to find an item; instead, he/she can search items from his/her own PC/laptop

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Transaction taking place in the library

Study Objective : 

Study Objective Changing the present library management system of Shoolini University to Online LiMS. To reach the objective of efficient learning and studying in the University. To keep online record of the transactions and utilize human resources in an efficient and matured way.

System Study : 

System Study

Present Library System : 

Present Library System The library is managed by the librarian accompanied with 4 to 5 members’ staff. Library cards to the students as well as the teacher. Issue of the book done by the staff member of the library through the library card. Record of the transactions of books is maintained in written and kept with the librarian.

Drawbacks of present system : 

Drawbacks of present system Provides the facility of books only during the working hours of the University. The record keeping can create problems while maintaining. Record of the receipt of the new books is kept in written which can create problem in handling it. Workload to the staff members and no use of human resources.

Proposed SystEm(eLibrary) : 

Proposed SystEm(eLibrary) A person should be able to: login to the system through the first page of the application. see the status of the books/journals borrowed/reserved. search for a particular book/journal. cancel the reservation made earlier for a particular book/journal Automatic mails should be sent to the users about the expiry of due dates for the books/journals borrowed by them.

Login of the member : 

Login of the member

Issue of the books : 

Issue of the books

Return of the books : 

Return of the books

Advantages of the Online LiMS : 

Advantages of the Online LiMS A 24-hour library management. Students according to their needs get the books issued and in case they are unable to return the book, they can immediately extend the date of return. Maintenance of the books becomes easy for the staff. The transactions are maintained online. Students as well as teachers can search for any book, magazine, Journal, member etc.

Overview of the system : 

Overview of the system

Must be introduced with : 

Must be introduced with Logon Capabilities: The system shall provide the users with logon capabilities. Mobile Devices The Online Library System is also supported on mobile devices such as cell phones. Alerts The system can alert the Librarian or the administrator in case of any problems.


METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES USED Various methods used for making the project are: Microsoft Office Word : - For report making Microsoft Office PowerPoint : - For making the presentation Internet Explorer : - For gathering information Questionnaires I. For Teachers II. For Students

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