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Leadership : 

Leadership By: Shannon Pearson

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Listen with your heart and your head Excite and engage students Allot time for organization and structure Dedicate energy and commitment to lifelong learning Endure times of stress and difficulty Respect individual needs of learners Share experiences and expertise Help a group reach a common goal Instill confidence and self esteem Provide a safe learning environment Personal Beliefs

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My Personal Leadership Style

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(weLead Inc. , 2009)

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The Ontario College of Teachers sets very high expectations for its members. These expectations encompass: commitment to student learning, professional knowledge, professional practice, leadership in learning communities and ongoing professional learning. Care Respect Trust Integrity (Ontario College of Teachers, 2010)

Personal and Professional Goals : 

Personal and Professional Goals Continue Summer Teaching Experiences Abroad Provide Extra-Curricular and Intramural Opportunities Create Resources and Programs for the New Health Curriculum Complete Coaching Certification Programs Develop a Healthy Body Image and Fitness Club for Girls Create Consistency Among All PE Teachers in the School Take High School Additional Qualification Program Teach Full-Time Physical Education Attend Workshops, Conferences and PD

Helping Hands : 

Helping Hands

My Goal: Full Time Physical Education : 

My Goal: Full Time Physical Education Certificate of Qualification Successful Performance Appraisal University Degree Uphold OCT Standing Subject Expertise Commitment to Students Qualifications in the Subject Area

My Mentor is : 

My Mentor is This person can help me achieve my goals!

Goals for my Classes : 

Goals for my Classes Maximize Participation Encourage Peer Mentorship Make Community Connections Push for a Healthy Lifestyle Incorporate Fair Assessment and Evaluation

Bridging the Gap : 

Bridging the Gap Where I am Now Where I Want To Be Teaching full time or part time PE Qualified to teach all grades Gain experience coaching new sports (soccer, baseball) Incorporate new and exciting intramurals; kinball, 2 ball Take Outdoor Education workshops and Dance AQ Organizing school wide DPA Teaching full time coverage Qualified to teach junior/intermediate division Coaching volleyball, track and field, cross country and basketball Running intramural programs; handball, yoga, floor hockey Finishing Honours PE Specialist AQ Helping teachers implement their own DPA

Bridging the Gap : 

Bridging the Gap Where I am Now Where I Want To Be Focused on genuine listening and compromise (Discovery Health Tools, 2010) Identifying what I feel (Fry, 2010) Anticipating and enjoying change (Johnson, 2000) Accepting that risk taking is a necessary component of an active life (Harris, 2009) Communicating regularly with teachers, students and administration Identifying what I know Demonstrating flexibility and adaptability As a new teacher, taking few risks

References : 

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