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Information Systems—Why Data Management? : 

Nathan Giles President and CEO Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3) Information Systems—Why Data Management?

What is an Information System? : 

What is an Information System?

What is an Information System? : 

What is an Information System? Little Black Book Paper Filing System High Tech Systems:

Data vs. Knowledge : 

Data vs. Knowledge Data are pieces of information. The organization of that data is… Power

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Typical Evolution of Data Management Systems

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Problems with No Industrial-Strength Solution: Data is only as accurate as the data entry Two months spent, on average, compiling the necessary data for the analysis Data has to be compiled to a central location and common system Data analysis and reporting mainly a manual function — nothing automatic Data often does not reflect follow-up activity, if any Anything without completed paperwork “fall through cracks”

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Sample Data Collection—No Data System

Collection of Information : 

Collection of Information Complete — with all reporting areas included Available — when needed Analyzed — to reflect relevant statistics Organized — in such a way that it can be can read and understood quickly Allows for easy collection of data

Technology’s Answer : 

Technology’s Answer Information Systems offering real-time data tracking, analysis and reporting. How is this accomplished?

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Sample Data Collection—with Data System

Effective Use of Data : 

Effective Use of Data 1. Record-keeping methodology must be unified throughout organization. 2. Records must be compiled into one system in a timely fashion. 3. Data must be organized, analyzed and reported in such a way that it can be used as a decision-making tool. 4. Executives must feel comfortable with the data as a reliable resource for planning change.

Data Tracking and Reporting : 

Data Tracking and Reporting Database resides on server Application on server and Web-based (not on individual computers) Multiple users can access simultaneously

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What Two ConceptsDoes an Enterprise-Wide System Promote? OWNERSHIP ACCOUNTABILITY

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The technology and software will organize and report on the data as the first step. The reports will identify clear areas for improvements and indicate weaknesses — this information should initiate action. Then, implement those changes, involving the entire team. The resulting information is an invaluable resource--a tool--but to work, it must be applied effectively.

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Questions and Conclusions Nathan Giles President and CEO Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3)

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