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Ac Adapters and Batteries : 

Ac Adapters and Batteries Prepared By:- FARAAZ CHAUDHARY

AC Adapters : 

AC Adapters AC Adapters: AC stands for Alterating Current. AC adapter is a type of power supplies typically those that are embedded in an over-sized AC plug. Other names in clued plug pack, plug in adapter, adapter block, domestic means adapter or power adapter. Informal names include wall art, wall cube and power brick.

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It is used to power or charge many common electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptop computers or external hard drives. San ac adapter changes AC power from an electrical outlet into the type of power or voltage that an electronic device needs to work. Typically, each device has a designated adapter that is pre-set to the power voltage conversion. Because of the many AC adapters are not interchangeable.

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Another place one can find the power supply is in a laptop charger or the power cord for a printer. Having an AC adapter to power a device allows for several advantages to the device and its manufactures. E.g. Heat and electronic devices are kept away from the device that is being powered. The manufacturers can market their product throughout the world. One of the drawbacks to an AC adapter is that they often times can be difficult to replace. E.g. If an adapter from a laptop is misplaced or damages than an adapter from another type of laptop generally cannot be used to replace it

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To overcome this difficulty, manufactures have developed universal adapters. These adapters come with a switch so a person can choose the appropriate voltage as well as interchangeable tips so we can select the correct one for the device.

Issues with AC adapter : 

Issues with AC adapter AC adapter have attracted some criticism from some areas: problems with tips type if include: Size: The power supply may obscure the power points some strips may attempt to relieve this problem by varying the spacing between their sockets. Weight: Some AC adapters can be heavy, existing weight on the plug socket. Some power supplies are “power bricks” having a short AC cord so they can lie on the floor and some that hang on the wall are made long and thin. Inefficiency: Some AC adapters have the low efficiency, wasting electrical energy. Some use power even when the attach device is not in use or absent. Diversity: Some consumers are unable to choose a suitable replacement AC adapter for the given small appliance. This can result I the large scale of used adapters. The issue of inefficiency of some power supplies has become better known as “Energy Vampires”.

Reuse of AC adapters : 

Reuse of AC adapters AC adapters are often reused, but there are 5 parameters which must all suit the appliance: Voltage: The role at which energy is drawn from a flow of electricity in a circuit. Current: A flow of electricity through a conductor. Voltage Stabilization: It is a transformer used to produce a steady output voltage despite fluctuations of input voltage. Connector types: A device for connecting together two wires, cables or hoses allowing electricity to flow. Polarity: A relation between two attributes.

Batteries : 

Batteries A hardware component that supplies power to a device or appliance and enables them work without a power cord. Often capable of powering a laptop computer for several hours depending on how the laptop is used and how much power it requires. Today, any high-speed devices such as computer laptops and cell phones use rechargeable batteries that allow a user to recharge the battery one it has been depleted of power.

Types of batteries : 

Types of batteries There are mainly three types of batteries of a computer. The first type of a battery is the backup battery which is commonly referred as CMOS battery. This battery is what holds your computers settings such as time and date. This allows your computer to remember basic computer settings and allows you to boot the computer without entering those settings each time you start the computer. The Bridge battery is only found on portable computers and is used as a temporary back up for the main battery. This allows you to remove the main battery and replace it with a good battery without having o turn off the computer. The third battery is the main battery. The main battery is only used for portable computers and is used as an alternate source of power for when the computer is not connected to a standard wall outlet.

Battery technologies : 

Battery technologies LI-ION (LIthium-Ion): it is a fragile technology requiring protector circuit, the Li-ion is used where very high energy is needed and cost is secondary. Li-ion batteries are generally more expensive but never affected battery technologies. Lithium is the lightest of all metals, has the electrochemical potential and provides the largest energy content. Li-polymer (LIthium-Polymer): it is a battery technology that is a lower cost version of Li-ion. NICAD (NIckel-CADmium): It is owned by SAFT America Inc. NICAD is a type of rechargeable battery made mostly of nickel and cadmium. A primary problem with this battery was that they needed to completely need to be drained of power before they could be recharged. Known as memory loss or memory effect once the battery reaches its last low level; it would go dead assuming that no power was left.

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NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydride): It is a type of rechargeable battery used in portable computers. It is inspired in the late 80’s mainly in terms or energy and density. Smart battery: An intelligent battery is a portable computer battery that has the ability of keeping the computer up-to-date with its power status and other specific characteristics. Reserve Battery: Also called stand-by battery and deferred action batteries. They are special purpose primary batteries usually designed for the emergency use. When long storage is required, reserve batteries are used. It looks like a tamarind. They are same as CMOS battery. It only requires a small amount of energy. Express charge: It is a Dell laptop battery feature that allows a battery to typically have greater than 80% charge after an hour of charging and fully charged in about 2 hours with the system off. This technology allows a laptop to have a faster charge when compared with other laptops.

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Battery slice: An additional thin battery that can be attached to the bottom of some laptop computers to extend the overall battery life of that laptop. E.g.: Dell, Hewlett Packard and Toshiba laptop computers.

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