Ryman Legacy Chapter 12C

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The Ryman Legacy Chapter 12C By Mzyra Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

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“Okay, so explain to me exactly how you managed to go from having a new appreciation of life and your family in the face of potential death, to running away from home...? Why wouldn’t you want to be at home with your family?”

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“It’s not that I don’t want to be at home with my family, but facing ‘potential death’ did make me appreciate life more – it’s short and I want to do stuff with it. But my Mum totally freaked out and practically banned me from leaving the house! I’m not going to spend some of the best years of my life locked away in my house, terrified of going out. If I could live my life while living at home I would, but I can’t, so… I came here.”

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Tina faltered. She could see why that was all logical to Jose, but… “Your mother’s clearly just worried about you. Maybe if you tried doing what she wanted for a while she would calm down about it all a little more.” “But that could take forever! And in the meantime I’d be missing out on loads of opportunities for fun and seeing my friends. Or friend, rather,” he said pointedly.

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“But she could be right about the dangers and I’m not worth the risks! There’s a saying of ‘mother knows best’ for a reason, Jose.” “Firstly, you are! And maybe that saying’s true for some people, but it’s not for me-” “Jose, everybody – especially teenagers – think general rules don’t apply to them-” “But it doesn’t! I told her you were a vampire and she started going on about you being a bad influence! She doesn’t know you at all and she assumes that because you’re a vampire that you’re a bad person! And you’re not, so she’s wrong!”

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Tina sighed, defeated. “Jose Ryman, you are quite possibly the most difficult teenager I have ever met.” He smiled brightly, “So… can I stay? Please?” “… Fine. But just for tonight. And, since you should be at home, you’ll have to take sofa.” He just smiled even wider, “Thank you! I won’t be any hassle, I swear.” She just rolled her eyes. “I don’t suppose you’ve eaten since you left school, have you?”

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“I’d apologise for it being burnt – I don’t have much cause to cook, living on my own and hardly ever needing to eat – but if you want a decent meal, I’m sure your mother would do a much better one at home.” “No, no, it’s great,” Jose smiled. “And it’s a lot better than it would be if I’d tried.” Tina watched him happily eating the charred spaghetti with mixed emotions. His parents were probably tearing their hair out worrying – especially if he didn’t go home at all that night – and so she felt bad indulging him, but on the other hand she’d never seen him smile so much and be happy…

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She probably could have gotten him to leave by being harsh or cruel, but how could she ruin his happiness? Especially when she knew how much he valued her friendship… Who knew what he’d do in that case, and she’d certainly misjudged what he’d do last time. And he was good, if sometimes incredibly frustrating, company. “So did they have spaghetti when you were growing up or did you learn how to cook it more recently?” “Hm?” she was brought out of her reverie. “Erm, I suppose it existed elsewhere, but it hadn’t come to Simfield back then. Or not to regular Simfielders, anyway. We mostly ate things made locally back in my day.”

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“Wow. It must have been really interesting living for so long in the same place and watching as everything changes over time.” “I guess, looking back, it has been, but it would have been nice to be able to travel more, but I never had all that much money, so I didn’t really stay out of choice.” “I went to Three Lakes with my family, but if you’ve never tried camping I wouldn’t really suggest it – it’s cold and dirty. I’d rather go to Twikii or Takemizu if we go somewhere again.” They continued to talk for a few hours…

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But eventually Jose got tired and settled down on the sofa. Making him sleep there did make Tina feel bad, but she just had to keep reminding herself that he did have a bed – back home where his parents wanted him. If he wanted a bed, he knew where to go.

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And as sunrise approached she slipped away to her coffin too. Hopefully Jose would just appreciate a day away from his family and go back home after school, then she’d hear from him another day when he’d settled back down. It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to living alone by this point anyway.

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But the next evening, she found Jose in the lounge once again. “I see you came back then.” “…Came back?” he asked, puzzled. “Came back from school.” “Ah. Right. That.” She sighed. “You never went to school, did you?”

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“I would have gone, but I only woke up at 11 and then there wouldn’t have been much time until it ended so I figured I might as well stay here…” Jose said hopefully. Tina sighed, “You do understand why you have to go to school, don’t you?” “Yeah, yeah, education – and education leads to jobs and jobs lead to money and money leads to etc, etc,” he droned unenthusiastically. “Yay school.” “Those things may not be fun, but they’re necessary.” “Money doesn’t buy you happiness,” he stated reproachfully.

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“Maybe it doesn’t,” Tina admitted, “But it does buy you security and choice. You can afford to do the things that you want and don’t have to worry about bills or if something happens to the things you have. You have to balance these things up.” “Fine, I’ll admit school’s necessary. But it’s not a big deal, I’ve been ahead of my class for ages, I’ll let them catch up.” “Oh Jose, it shouldn’t work like that. You’ll miss important parts and fall behind-” “Nobody pays any attention at school anyway!” “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!”

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Jose opened his mouth to say something, but stopped before he did and Tina got the feeling that he may have been about to accuse her of sounding like his mother. Still, he hadn’t said it, so what did that mean? “Okay, so I should go to school and I should pay attention. But I don’t fit in there! Hardly anybody notices me and those that do think I’m either a troublemaker or a geek.” “Oh Jose, you can ignore them-” “But maybe they wouldn’t think that if I looked different? Maybe if somebody gave me some advice because I trust them…?” he looked at Tina with big eyes and a hopeful smile. He’d clearly been wondering how to ask. She sighed.

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“I hope you realise that if people are judging you solely by your appearance, they’re not real friends.” “Yes walking Disney channel,” he teased. “How many moral lessons do you think you have left to tell me?” “More than you have time to hear, I daresay,” she said rolling her eyes. “You discover a lot in three hundred years.” “So… Do you see anything that would work for me? But, uh, nothing with denim jackets. We tried that before. It didn’t work.” “Who in their right mind thought it would?!” she asked incredulously.

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Jose fiddled with his hair. It did look better down a bit, but it was difficult trying to keep the strands out of his eyes. The outfit Tina had picked was good though; it was neat but not uptight, and it was in a blue that matched his eyes. And he didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. He wished he’d seen it before, he might never have gotten into trouble in the first place. But then he’d never have met Tina at all, so perhaps the trouble was all worth it. “That looks good on you.” Tina’s voice came from behind him, though he couldn’t see her in the mirror. “Yeah, I-”

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“Er-” “I thought I might take the chance to try something on for myself. What do you think?” “Uh- Um- Yeah. Yeah, it looks great.”

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“Ah, you’re just saying that.” “No, I’m really, really not. And, uh, heh, your jacket matches your eyes too.” “Ooh, yes, so it would. My eyes were green originally, you know. And my hair was brown, but let’s keep that between us.” “Uh, okay.” “Mmm. These modern outfits… They never would have allowed them in my day, but they do look good.”

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“Yeah, uh, why don’t you wear stuff like that all the time?” Jose tried to ask in an offhand way, but he didn’t think he was succeeding. He was struggling not to stare. “I thought I told you: my normal outfit is traditional grand vampire uniform, there’s no choice in it.” “That sucks. What could they do if you refused?” “Kick you out and ostracise you. And if you’re going to be a vampire it’s always best to be in the grand council. It’s worth more than a little more choice in clothing.” “Oh. Right. I guess that makes sense.”

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Jose said that, but as they left the store with Tina looking as she did before, he wasn’t sure that it really did make sense to him. He guessed it didn’t matter that much, especially since Tina looked nice in the uniform dress too, but somehow the other outfit was much more her. And he really liked that dress on her. And as they walked home he was very quiet, wondering whether Tina there might be anything that might make Tina want to leave the vampire grand council one day. ~~~~~~~~~~

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“Having to sleep on the sofa isn’t putting you off at all, is it Jose?” Tina sighed. “Not really – it’s worth it. And it’s actually really comfy, too.” She gave him a sad look, “Jose, you know I enjoy your company, but your family-” “I know, I know, I’ll call them or something soon-”

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“You should be at home with them! They’re probably so worried about you-” “I can take care of myself.” “Jose, the night before you ran away you were almost killed. I wouldn’t be surprised if your family weren’t convinced of that fact.” “They must know I’m with you, that’s what the argument was about, and since you were the one who saved my life…” “I can’t talk you into going home tonight then?” “No,” he said firmly but apologetically. “Well, in that case…”

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“You might as well sleep in here, since it has a bed and everything.” “You have a second bedroom? Did somebody else used to sleep in here?” “No, it’s always been empty since I got the house. I just thought… that someday I might need a second bedroom.”

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“So uh, what’s with the teddy then? Or did it come with the room?” “No, that was a gift from a girl whose life we saved back when me and some of the other women vampires were doing a bit of a vigilante thing – looking out for and protecting abused women and children in the 19th century, before I got into the grand council.” “Wow.” “Yeah, we did some good work and it was great fun with the girls. I kept that teddy as a memento and kind of in the hope that- Well…”

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“What?” “I don’t know, somehow I’ve always expected to settle down and have a family, but I guess it’s like you’ve said before; when you have all the time in the world you feel no compulsion to actually do anything then. I’ve always wanted to have a child or children to whom that teddy can belong, but…” “Oh. You haven’t met the right guy then? ‘Cause there must be plenty of guys who would if you wanted them to.”

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Tina laughed. “I’m not sure I would say ‘plenty’, but I have had offers. Before Christian went off and got married, and especially when he was drunk, he’d put the offer out there, but… I don’t know, that would have been really weird. Nolan probably wouldn’t have objected either, but he’s so tied to the old ways it would have been crazy. And then there’d be a list as long as my arm of guys who’ve had too much to drink, but I don’t think settling down and having a family was what they were thinking about,” she rolled her eyes. “So no, I guess ‘the right guy’ hasn’t crossed my path yet. At least that makes me feel better about not having done anything.”

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“Well I wouldn’t worry about it,” Jose smiled, “I’m sure there are loads of guys who would love to marry you and treat you right and then you’ll be able to take your pick. Just don’t be too harsh on the ones who aren’t good enough for you.” Tina laughed, “Oh, Jose… Anyway, you’re okay with this room, aren’t you?” “Absolutely!” “It’s yours then. Until you go home. Which you still should.” “Yeah, yeah…” ~~~~~~~~~~

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Jose rolled over again. Tina had told him to go to bed so he’d wake up in time for school, but he just wasn’t tired and it wasn’t working. He laid on his back and stared at the ceiling. He loved this bedroom – it was bigger than the one he had at home, and of course it was Tina’s house, which somehow made everything better than it would have been otherwise. But still, he couldn’t sleep and he wanted to do something. Suddenly he realised he could hear the sound of music in the background. But he hadn’t seen a radio or a TV and it sounded a bit… classical. Well, this was clearly cause for investigation if ever there was one.

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He followed the sound into Tina’s bedroom, which was empty, and then through another door, where there was a completely white tiled room, filled with artsy stuff and, most particularly, Tina playing a grand piano. It was beautiful.

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“I thought I told you to go to bed,” Tina said, not taking her eyes away from the piano keys. “I couldn’t sleep. And then I heard some amazing music and just had to find out what was going on.” “Three hundred years is a long time to get good at musical instruments,” she smiled. “So you have a special art room in your house? This is awesome.” “It could have been a garage, but I don’t need a car, so I thought I could dedicate it to expression of the soul and emotion.” “Sounds good to me, mind if I join in?”

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Jose spent the rest of the night trying – and, generally, failing – at sculpting, to the sound of beautifully played classical music, some of which he vaguely recognised but couldn’t name. When Tina realised this, she accompanied the music with explanations of the original musician, the time period, the idea behind the piece and general trivia. It was the best music lesson Jose ever had. And, naturally, he overslept for school again the next day. ~~~~~~~~~~

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“I can’t believe you missed school again, Jose. I don’t think you-” “I know school’s important…” “Yes, but knowing isn’t the same as understanding Jose. Honestly…” she shook her head. “You’d be a better teacher than they are! You know more than they do!” “Maybe in certain areas… Regardless, you’re studying tonight.” “What? How?”

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It was a little disappointing how many educational books Tina had in her house that she could make him read, and she sat next to him to stop him just daydreaming instead. Of course, this completely backfired due to the fact that she was just as distracting to him than his imagination could be. After noticing that he’d gone about half an hour without turning a single page, she made him read it out loud, but then he deliberately read with funny voices, trying to make her laugh. She was trying to keep a straight face, but every small flicker of a smile that escaped, just made Jose smile wider and his stomach turned over. ~~~~~~~~~~

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After studying several nights in a row, Tina finally conceded to doing something Jose wanted to do, and she didn’t even bring up the threat of possibly getting grass stains on her dress that stargazing brought. “Isn’t it beautiful? You can see the stars better further away from town out where we live, but even here…” “It is nice to look at things that make me look really young by comparison for once,” Tina responded wryly. “According to one of those books you made me read, some of those stars are probably already dead, it’s just the light takes so long to get here that it’s like looking at the past.”

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“I’m glad you picked up something from those books then,” she smiled. “Don’t you think life and the universe are amazing?” “I don’t know, I think I’ve probably seen too much of both. I guess potentially living forever can ruin things a little.” “Do you… you know, ever think about whether you might one day want to not be a vampire again, Tina?”

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“I have done. But I guess it goes hand-in-hand with the family thing. There’s no point in living and aging again until I’m settled or I might die before it happens.” “So, if you met the right person, you’d become human again?” “… I don’t know. I suppose if I were in love with a human we’d either both have to be human or both be vampires. But then if we had children and they didn’t want to be vampires… I’ve watched friends grow old and die, but family? I’m not sure. But after so long like this, the idea of getting old… it’s kind of scary.”

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“Not if you have somebody to age with,” Jose said thoughtfully. “Anything is manageable if you have somebody to do it with. That’s what I think.” “It’s a nice philosophy.” “And then when you die you’re still together. And with nature. You become part of the stars and the sky and the grass and the trees… And you’d still be with your kids…” “You’re just a big romantic, aren’t you Jose?” “I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” he smiled. ~~~~~~~~~~

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Jose’s peaceful sleep was disturbed by a sudden alarm right in his ear – at first he thought it might be a fire alarm, but then he looked to his side to see an alarm clock. When had Tina got him that? What time was it anyway? 7am?! He’d only gone to bed at 4! There was a note taped to the alarm clock that he read: Go. To. School! He groaned inwardly, but he was awake now and Tina hadn’t gone to such lengths before, and think how surprised and pleased she’d be when she got up and he could tell her he’d actually been for once!

Slide 40: 

School was different to how he remembered it as he walked up to the front door – it seemed smaller than he remembered, and nowhere near as intimidating. He knew the teachers would have a go at him, he might even have to talk to the head-teacher, and the other students would probably whisper about him behind his back, but who cared about any of that? One word to solve all of his problems: Tina. ~~~~~~~~~~

Slide 41: 

After the first lesson he realised Tina had been right; he’d missed a lot. He sat through maths subtly trying to read the beginning of the chapter while the other students just worked through the sums they already knew how to do. If he wanted to catch up he’d have to do a lot more studying, but he was pretty sure Tina had a maths-y textbook at her house, so he’d look at that later. For the moment he just relived the school experience, sat in one of the empty classrooms, watching the other students – including several cousins – playing football down below. It was very relaxing really.

Slide 42: 

Especially with the knowledge that despite everything, he’d be back with Tina again in a few hours and he could get some more sleep before she even got out of her coffin. It’d be like they’d lost nothing. “Oh, so you are at school for once then!” Jose was shocked to hear a familiar – and angry – voice coming from behind him. “Liv?” he asked uncertainly. “So you do remember that you have a family!” He turned from the window to look at his little sister.

Slide 43: 

Who was bigger than he remembered. He had been there for her birthday, but he suddenly realised he’d still been thinking of her as a child, with her curly pigtails and everything. “Hey Liv. Nice dress. And hair. Did you look like this when I last saw you?” Liv was flustered for a moment “Oh, no, they’re new. And as expensive as they look!” she said, pleased, before seemingly remembering that she was angry. “Where have you been?! Do you know how worried everyone’s been? Especially Mum!” “Why? I was just staying with a friend.”

Slide 44: 

“And you haven’t called once!” “I was… distracted. And busy. And stuff.” “Like that’s an excuse! And you haven’t been to school! Everyday Mum’s been like ‘Was Jose at school today?’ to me and Lyle, and every day we’ve had to let her down because you haven’t been!” “But you guys know I don’t like school.” “So?! It’s not a choice, Jose! And maybe it’s all very well missing school and that, but you have no idea how upset Mum was when you missed her birthday-”

Slide 45: 

“What?” Jose laughed incredulously, “Mum’s not that old. I mean it’s nice if you want me to come home, Liv, but you don’t have to lie to make me feel worse. Mum’s not that old.” Liv looked at him with concern, “Yes Jose, she is.” “No way, she can’t be.” “She is.” “She’s not!” “She IS!”

Slide 46: 

“I don’t believe you.” “Okay Jose, how’s this – you see Mum now with her grey hair and everything and you tell me whether she’s old enough.” “You’re lying.” “Will you believe me if I tell you that it’s Lyle’s birthday tonight?” “No way!” “Yes way!” “Seriously?” “FFS YES, Jose!”

Slide 47: 

“I… I missed Mum’s birthday?” “Yes!” “Oh my god,” Jose said, mouth falling open. “Well that settles it. I can never go home ever again. She’s going to kill me. How am I going to get the rest of my stuff out of the house?” “Jose!” “Oh god…”

Slide 48: 

“Seriously, were you born this stupid? Mum’s not going to kill you, she just really wants to see you again.” “So she can kill me?” “No! She misses you. We all miss you. Even if some of us want to slap you too because you are so incredibly stupid.” “But…” “I told you, it’s Lyle’s birthday tonight and now that you definitely know, you’d better come. Especially because if you miss the birthday you’ll probably have to miss the wedding too; him and Roxanne have been waiting so long already, they won’t leave it long.”

Slide 49: 

“I… I want to come. I do miss you guys too, but… You really think Mum’s not going to kill me? Or even just lock me in the house and not let me out? Because as much I want to see you guys again… I can’t not see Tina. I want to be there, but I don’t know if I can risk…” “I’m sure Mum will just be happy to have you back. And if she does suddenly go psycho on you, I’ll help you escape, if it’ll get you to come for Lyle’s birthday.” “Well… I guess…”

Slide 50: 

Suddenly another student appeared in the corner of the room. “Hey Liv, you won’t believe-” the boy stopped as he spotted Jose and looked back and forth. “Oh, uh, you know what, it can wait. Later.” And he disappeared again. Jose looked at his sister in shock. “Tell me I’m not going crazy and you just saw that too.” “That’s just Briney,” she said dismissively with a small smile and a roll of her eyes. “Lum? Aunt Gina’s-? But, he just appeared there!”

Slide 51: 

“Well maybe if some of us had been at home more recently they’d know about these things…” she said, studying her fingernails. “What, like having an adopted cousin who can teleport?!” “It’s not teleportation, it’s- Actually, it’s none of your business if you’re not being a part of the family. Maybe I’ll tell you if and when you are again.” “I’m still part of the family,” he protested.

Slide 52: 

“Are you? Being part of the family doesn’t necessarily mean so much anymore: one of our cousins won’t be invited to Lyle’s wedding, but if you’d come to Wally’s birthday party maybe you’d know who and why.” “… Has really that much happened without me? I thought I was the cause of all the drama in our family.” “Ha, maybe most of it, but not all. If you care enough about your family to want to find out, you’ll be there tonight. And if not… If the reasons not that you’re in the hospital, I’ll put you there.” “I really can’t see you as violent, Liv.”

Slide 53: 

“Bet you can’t see Lyle that way either, can you?” “Um, no, not really?” Liv sighed, “Just be there, okay?” she said and turned to leave. “Liv? I… I didn’t cause all the bad stuff, did I? Does everyone hate me?” “No and no. We just miss you. Come home, Jose.” ~~~~~~~~~~

Slide 54: 

The house didn’t look much different as Jose walked up to it. The only visible change he could see was that Liv’s sports-car was now pink in places. Thinking about it, he wondered how much the dress and haircut had cost and how on earth they’d afforded it. Maybe she’d got a part-time job, he’d have to ask later.

Slide 55: 

He could hear the party going inside and the front door was unlocked. He assumed the inside doors were unlocked too, but he was too scared to turn the handle and go inside. He’d tried to work out how long he’d been gone for. Even if his immediate family didn’t want to kill him, what about the rest of the people at the party. He kind of wished he’d brought Tina with him – he’d left a message on her answer phone explaining where he’d gone and to avenge his death, but didn’t bring her for fear that she might unfairly be the target of people’s anger. But at least she could fly away, Jose couldn’t even run that fast. He swallowed. He’d have to go in there sooner or later…

Slide 56: 

But before he could even reach for the door handle, the door opened and he found himself face-to-face with his mother. Who did indeed have grey hair. Oh god. “J-Jose?” He braced in preparation for shouting, or even getting slapped, but she was at the very least too shocked to do anything.

Slide 57: 

He had to talk fast, not that he could slow down. “I- I swear I am so sorry Mum, I had no idea how long it had been and I swear you’re not old enough to be old and Lyle’s not old enough to be an adult and I’m sure as heck not old enough to be however old I am now, but if I had known I would have at least called or been here or- Uh, please don’t hurt me, I’m really, really sorry!”

Slide 58: 

But all Mia did was turn him around so she could see his face properly by the light. And then she pulled him into such a tight hug that Jose wasn’t certain that she wasn’t trying to squeeze him to death. The door opened again, revealing an aged Uncle Calvin, followed by Briney. “Ah, now that’s what we want to see, isn’t it?” Calvin smiled. “Not if I can’t breathe,” Jose said sheepishly. “If you want to talk, don’t go in there it’s too loud. Briney’ll tell the rest of the family you’re outside, right Briney?”

Slide 59: 

But Jose couldn’t help himself from peeking into the lounge quickly. All those familiar faces, hanging around and having fun. He really had missed this, even if he could hear the sound of Isabel and Tommy, who had gotten into a fight in the kitchen. It was a good family to have. But none of them spotted him yet.

Slide 60: 

“So, er, yeah. I’ve been fine-” “You missed a lot of school,” his mother pointed out. “Yeees, that is, uh, very true. Tina warned me about that, but uh… I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not always very good at listening to people. But I absolutely swear I had no idea that I was missing anybody’s birthdays. If I hadn’t gone to school and Liv hunted me down, I would have missed this too. I don’t know about you, but the time really flew by for me.”

Slide 61: 

Juan smiled at Mia “I told you he’d be fine.” “You didn’t know that for certain,” she said back slyly. “You also told me he’d come home soon every day and you were wrong more than you were right.” “I gambled on him having more sense and knowing what the date is. Apparently I was wrong.” “I know I don’t have much ground to stand on to ask for things, but now that I’m here can we talk as though we acknowledge that?”

Slide 62: 

“Ooh, I don’t know about that,” Lyle smirked. “I think we need to have a vote as to whether to let him back into the family. He might pull down our average IQ – he’ll definitely pull down our average school grade.” “Okay, okay-” Jose started “And I’m sure Liv wouldn’t mind turning his bedroom into a walk-in closet-!” Lyle and Juan were both smiling, but Mia was just staring down at him with hers eyes still shiny with tears. “Are you going to come back properly Jose?”

Slide 63: 

“I-” he hesitated. “I would like to. And I know Tina wouldn’t really mind, she told me I should be at home at least three times a day while I was gone. But… Mum, you have to understand, I know that you’re worried about me and there are bad things in the world, but you can’t lock me away from them. And I have to still be able to see Tina. Even if she comes over here at night instead of me going out. And if she does, you can’t be mean to her; it’s not her fault I ran away or stayed away so long, it’s mine. If you want to punish someone for that, it can only be me.”

Slide 64: 

“Ooh, are we getting the drama queen back?” Liv teased, coming into the middle of the conversation. “Sounds like it,” Juan smirked over his shoulder. “I’m not a drama queen-!” “You really are, bro,” Lyle laughed. “How long am I going to be teased about this for, if I can ask?” “Probably forever,” Liv said, Juan and Lyle smiled and laughed in agreement. “So you’ll come home?” Mia asked quietly.

Slide 65: 

“Yeah,” Jose said, standing up. “I’ll at least have to call and talk to Tina though. It’s only polite, if nothing else.” “Welcome back to the family Jose,” Juan said, pulling him into a hug. “Don’t upset your mother like that again though – some of us are backed up by the entire police force.” “Uh, you are?” “Yeah, so watch yourself,” he said, but with a smile on his face before he headed back in to the party.

Slide 66: 

“Welcome back man. You are one of the stupidest people I know though. It is nice to be getting the highest grades in the family though.” “Liv still spends most of her classes talking?” “Of course, but she’s got better grades than you! And if you want help with your homework, you’ll have to ask your little sister – think about that!” “… I’m trying not to.”

Slide 67: 

“You are officially the stupidest big brother I have,” Liv said, pulling him into a hug next. “You guys realise I’m going to develop a complex about this soon, right?” “Ah, don’t worry, it’s a pretty close contest. At least you’ve never punched someone in the chest!” “What? Who punched someone?” “Yes, yes, I know – stomach next time, I was angry, okay?” Lyle sighed. “Lyle hit somebody?!” “Ah, you should have been there…!” Liv laughed.

Slide 68: 

Jose looked at his siblings in confusion before looking at them more generally. Now he thought about it, Lyle did look like he was about to be an adult, and he had large bruise on his right knuckles. Liv looked older than she had when he left, emphasised all the more by her new look. Glancing at his mother, the white-grey hair was obvious, but he felt bad seeing the dark rings under her eyes where she’d not been sleeping enough and crying. And remembering Juan – zombies didn’t age, but Jose could swear he had more stress lines on his face and shadows under his eyes too. Was it his fault? “So, uh, heh, what did I miss?”

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