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Poverty : 

Poverty By: Mohamed Adham Kamel

Poverty : 

Poverty Poverty is the deprivation of common necessities such as :

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All of which determine our quality of life. Lower Class Middle Class Upper Class Working Class

Poverty : 

Poverty It may also include the lack of access to opportunities such as: and which aid the escape from poverty and/or allow one to enjoy the respect of fellow citizens. Education Employment

Measuring poverty : 

Measuring poverty

Poverty : 

Poverty The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than 1 dollar per day. The proportion of the developing world's population living in extreme economic poverty between the period 1981-2001, the percentage of the world's population living on less than $1 per day has halved.

Causes of poverty : 

Causes of poverty

Economical factors that effect Poverty: : 

Economical factors that effect Poverty: Unemployment. Increased farming for use in bio fuels, along with world oil prices. Unfair terms of trade. Tax havens which tax their own citizens Unequal distribution of land

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Examples Of Economical Factors

Governance factors that effect Poverty: : 

Governance factors that effect Poverty: Lacking democracy in poor countries Weak rule of law can discourage investment and thus perpetuate poverty. Poor management of resource revenues Failure by governments to provide essential infrastructure worsens poverty. High levels of corruption

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Examples Of Governance factors

Demographics and Social Factorsthat effect Poverty: : 

Demographics and Social Factorsthat effect Poverty: Overpopulation and lack of access to birth control methods. Crime, including violent gangs and drug cartels. Historical factors, for example imperialism, colonialism and Post-Communism. Cultural causes War, including civil war, genocide. Discrimination Individual beliefs, actions and choices. Health Care Disease, Similarly substance abuse

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Example Of Demographics and Social Factors

Environmental Factors that effect Poverty: : 

Environmental Factors that effect Poverty: Erosion. Deforestation Geographic factors, for example access to fertile land, fresh water, minerals, energy, and other natural resources Drought and water crisis

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Example Of Environmental Factors

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