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INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION The english word ‘communication’ has been derived from the Latin word “communis” which means common consequently it implies That the communication is common understanding through communion of minds and hearts. This common understanding results not only through transfer of information and idea but also from transmission of the attitude .

Definition : 

Definition Communication is defined as “ the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another it is essentially a bridge of meaning between the people by using the bridge a person can safely cross the river of miss understanding “ Keith Davis


BARRIERS OF COMMUNICATION Barriers of communication are the hindrances or the difficulties involved in the process of communication which distort the message being properly understood by the receiver. Barriers prevent the communication from being effective.

Types of barriers : 

Types of barriers Semantic barriers Physical barriers Organizational barriers Psychological barriers

Semantic barriers : 

Semantic barriers Semantic barriers are concerned with problem and obstruction in the process of encoding and decoding the message in to words or other impression .the use of different language, different interpretation of different words and symbols ,poor vocabulary and poor grammatical knowledge are some the semantic barriers

Semantic barriers : 

Semantic barriers Different language Different context for words and symbols Poor vocabulary

Physical barriers : 

Physical barriers Any disturbance or interference that reduces the clarity and effectiveness of communication is called noise. it may be physical or psychological ,written or visual .noise distracts the persons communicating and acts as barrier to communication

Types of physical barrier : 

Types of physical barrier Noise Improper time Distance Inadequate or overload information

Organizational barriers : 

Organizational barriers Organizational barriers occurs in the organization due to rules ,regulation and hierarchical relationship .

Types of organizational barriers : 

Types of organizational barriers Rules and regulations Hierarchical relationship Non conducting of staff meetings Wrong choice of channel

Psychological barriers : 

Psychological barriers Psychological barriers arise from motives ,emotions, social values , different perception etc. these create psychological distance , cause misunderstanding among people at work and hinder the communication process.

Types of psychological barriers : 

Types of psychological barriers Selective perceptions Premature evaluation Poor listening Attitude of superiors emotions

Principle of communication : 

Principle of communication Principle of communication make it effective .these principle are not exclusive .principle of communication divide in to two broad parts: 7cs of communication Other principle of communication

7cs of communication : 

7cs of communication Candid : the message should be candid ,it should not be indirect , multivocal or un true .the message should be frank and straight forward . Clear: the message to be communicate whether oral or written should be clear . for this not only clarity of expression is must , but also clarity of thoughts . Complete : completeness is necessary for effective communication incomplete message breads misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

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4. concise :to retain the attention as well as to save the time of the reader .it is essential that the message should be concise .conciseness means conveying the message in fewest possible words without sacrificing its completeness and clarity . 5. concrete: the communicated statement should not be vague , rather should be concrete and specific , concrete expression create visual image in the mind of the receiver which vague or generalized statement can not

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6. Correct : the message to be communicated should be correct in spelling , in grammar , in format, in content, in statistical information etc. 7. Courteous : congenial and healthy communication environment is essential to ensure the effectiveness of communication .

Other principle of communication : 

Other principle of communication Create synergetic environment Two way communication Strengthen communication flow Proper medias Encourage open communication Appropriate language Effective listening

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