Fixing A Flat

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Fixing A FlatBy: Anthony E. DiPietro : 

Fixing A FlatBy: Anthony E. DiPietro

Safety Precautions : 

Safety Precautions The vehicle must: -Be turned off -In park -Emergency brake is on Evaluate what tire is flat and if it needs the spare to go in a different position The area you are going to work in must be: -A smooth surface and flat -Clear of Traffic

Wheel and Tool Removal : 

Wheel and Tool Removal 1. Remove carpet in trunk 2. Under the carpet is the spare tire (donut) 3. Loosen handle holding spare tire in trunk 4. Remove tire iron and scissor lift 5. The tire iron will be used to take the lug nuts off the vehicle 6. The scissor jack will be used later to raise the vehicle

Slide 4: 

Remove Carpet Spare Is Beneath Tools Below Spare Tire Iron Scissor Jack

Lifting and Loosening : 

Lifting and Loosening 1. Locate the designated lift point 2. Place jack in position and relieve some of the weight of the vehicle off ground 3. Use the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts 4. Check jack for twists or lifting off the ground 5. Raise vehicle until tire is 2” off ground or higher

Removal And Installation : 

Removal And Installation 1. Use the tire iron to remove loosened lug nuts 2. Lift wheel off vehicle 3. Lift spare and align with wheel studs and slide onto vehicle 4. Install lug nuts back on by hand until tight 5. When all the nuts are tight and the wheel is steady lower the vehicle the ground

Almost Finished : 

Almost Finished 1. Lower the vehicle to the ground 2. Use the tire iron to tighten lug nuts to secure the spare to the vehicle 3. Use the wheel pattern provided that matches the amount of lug nuts the vehicle has to tighten them correctly 4. They must be tightened to specified amount in owners manual or as tight as possible

Finally : 

Finally - All tools and the flat tire must be placed back in the trunk -The vehicle is ready to be driven to the closet repair shop to get repaired

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