How to become successful electronic music producer

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How to become successful electronic music producer : 

How to become successful electronic music producer

Download Ableton Live : 

Download Ableton Live Ableton is the easiest software to learn the ropes for a beginner but is also used by many industry professionals as their main arrangement software. If you don’t want to buy it (you probably won’t), you can download a cracked version by searching for the torrent, type ‘Ableton live torrent’ into Google and look for a version which has good comments that support that it actually works. To download a torrent file you will need a torrent program such as U-torrent (free). Follow the instructions to install Ableton (usually included in an info file with the torrent)

Find some free sounds… : 

Find some free sounds… There are lots of places to find free samples to use in your productions. Go to a website which offer sound packs which include loops, sounds, fx etc. Listen to the previews, of each pack and save them in a folder on your desktop named ‘Samples’ you can use these in your productions and they are completley royalty free. Search for the sound-packs you liked and see if anyone has uploaded torrents of them. Listen to tracks you like and find isolated sounds to chop and use in your own productions.

Learn how to use Ableton- : 

Learn how to use Ableton- The best way to do this is to play around for hours with your new sounds There are loads of how-to videos on Youtube The ableton website has some good resources and links Forums can also offer good tips Ask friends and watch people work who know how to use it

Make an online presence for your self : 

Make an online presence for your self Soundcloud is a really good (free way to do this) Combine it with social networks i.e link everything together- stumble upon, facebook, twitter, soundcloud,myspace – makesure you are on all of them and that you maintain an active role in each. Start researching record labels and following artists you like in everyway you can, sign up for mail lists, add them on Facebook Choose a good name. Then choose another five, you can use your other aliases to explore different styles of your music without risking making a bad name for yourself if it doesn’t work out.

Master your tracks easily : 

Master your tracks easily Download izotope ozone VST torrent (same way you got ableton) Run the VST on your master track in ableton Make sure your master is has enough space in the main volume for the vst to work Choose a setting that sounds good

Send your tracks to labels and radio stations : 

Send your tracks to labels and radio stations Most labels and stations have a Soundcloud account, you can send tracks to them easily by using their Dropbox Visit label websites and send your links via emails. Follow up each track you send and find names of people who will be listening to them Build up a contact book in your preferred email client

Next step coming soon… : 

Next step coming soon…

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