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YB 26 Telecommunications S.A. www.yb26.com

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YB26 is the owner and developer of two low-cost, high margin Value-added solutions: Mobile Mail and Mobile Gateway

Products : 

Products Mobile Mail – Truly Mobile e-mail Supports any mobile phone with a browser – currently it is 99% of the mobile phones on the market (our data base includes over 9,000 supported mobile devices). Does not require a smart phone  Does not require a download of any kind Does not require any configuration changes  Does not require a synchronized operation of a PC Allows to accumulate up to 5 mail accounts for each user A new mail alert is delivered straight to user’s mobile phone (via wap-push, SMS or MMS), and includes all initial information about the new email (sender’s address, receiver’s address, subject, date/time, attachments and their size) Allows to interact with users mail accounts with the functionality similar to Microsoft Outlook (to receive, send, reply, reply to all, forward any email of any size with any attachments) Automatic conversion and optimization of the content, including attachments, which allows the user to view any content regardless of the mobile phone’s capabilities (a function that allows the user to download larger attachments without the concern of traffic usage)  Highly profitable: Mobile Operators receive revenues from Subscription Fees and data usage Democratic pricing allows to attract the maximum amount of users possible

Using Mobile Mail : 

Using Mobile Mail The above are the actual screen shots of the Mobile Mail implemented with XL Telecom STEP 1 - Registration Registration can be done online or from any mobile phone or PDA by opening the mobile browser and directing it to a custom-designed and branded registration page. Carrier’s logo/branding Sign up button for new users Login STEP 2 – Select e-mail accounts A user then enters key information about the e-mail accounts that he would like to register with the service. NOTE – the server information for popular webmail (gmail, yahoo, mail.ru etc…) and any other servers directed by the Carrier can be inserted into a “drop-down” menu for easy selection. Users then enter the “username” and password for each account. Up to 5 discrete accounts can be registered.

Using Mobile Mail : 

Using Mobile Mail Notification of New Mail The Mobile Mail system automatically “pops” each registered account at pre-set intervals (1 minute - 24 hours) and when new mail has arrived, a new mail alert is delivered straight to user’s mobile phone (via WAP push, SMS or MMS), and includes all initial information about the new email (sender’s address, receiver’s address, subject, date/time, attachments and their size). Embedded in the alert is a URL and with the push of one button, Mobile Mail’s “Inbox” opens. Press one button to open mail

Using Mobile Mail : 

Using Mobile Mail The “Inbox” E-mail is divided by account so that users who aggregate messages from more than one e-mail account can instantly see which messages were sent to each account. Users then scroll down and click on the message they wish to read. When a message is selected the user is shown key message details, the message text and the standard message management options (reply, reply all, forward, etc...) Message details Message text Options E-mail Account Messages sent to that account

Using Mobile Mail : 

Using Mobile Mail Sending Mail By clicking “Compose” from the login page or “new”, “reply” or “forward” when reading a message, a user is taken to the compose screen. The user first selects which account he wants the e-mail to appear “from” and then types the rest of the information in exactly the same way as on a computer. Drop-down menu with all registered e-mail accounts* Standard message fields Message text “Send” button ALL FROM ANY MOBILE PHONE! *User can select “from” account

Using Mobile Mail : 

Using Mobile Mail Other Unique Features: Allows to view all kinds of graphical attachments (including JPEG, GIF, TIF etc...), as well as PDF files and the whole Microsoft Office Suite Supports the decompression of ZIP and RAR files Contacts/Address book Calendar with the function of reminders and alerts Supports Microsoft Exchange Fully branded mobile operator’s service (The whole interface of WP Mail will correspond to the branding and marketing strategies of the mobile operator: logos, colors. encoding, fonts, etc…), which allows to increase the level of user’s loyalty. *** New Features *** Mail filtering and sync settings options added in SETTINGS page Add mail sender's email address to Whitelist/Blacklist from READ MAIL page Whitelist/Blacklist mail filtering based on email address Webmail support (Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc) [alpha]  Full Google Mail (POP3/IMAP4), Calendar and Contact synchronization [alpha]   *** Under Development *** MAP-Idle support (under development) CalDAV support (under development)  SyncML support (under development) Anyone that can send an SMS text can now send world-wide e-mail.

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Mobile Gateway Reformatting engine that is inserted into Carrier’s mobile data network and allows virtually all websites to be meaningfully accessed from all mobile devices – allowing users to: Meaningfully surf the `NET from any mobile phone Resolves all issues related to the handset, mobile browser and application compatibility More convenience for the users (frames and “left-right” rolling are removed) Compression technology: cheaper and faster downloads Drives significant revenue for carriers by increasing data traffic and usage; Provides the Mobile Operator with the access to the statistics of intellectually valuable market data (TOP 10 most visited sites, TOP 10 mostly used handsets, etc…) YB26 Communications proposes a flexible economic model and is open to examine different ways of collaboration with the Mobile Operator Products

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Mobile Gateway Products Direct to Internet With Mobile Gateway

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www.yb26.com YB 26 Telecommunications S.A.

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