The Tour of Gulistan textile mills limited

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The Tour of Gulistan textile mills limited : 

The Tour of Gulistan textile mills limited Group Leader Mr. Aasman tahir Group members Miss. Shaista Mohi-ud-din 09-ntu-1125 Miss. Misbah Bashir 09-ntu-1167 Miss. Abrara Fatima 09-ntu-1156 Mr. Asif javed 09-ntu-1192 Miss. Amira nasreen 09-ntu-1157 Mr. Hassan Javed 09-ntu-1197

Introduction of Gulistan textile mills ltd unit # 4 : 

Introduction of Gulistan textile mills ltd unit # 4

Foundation was led in 1990 & mill started as a business unit in 1991 : 

Foundation was led in 1990 & mill started as a business unit in 1991 The import of cotton from West Africa, India, Brazil, Russia, united states of America & Egypt.

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Production Grey yarn Major Concern Export Export market They do export world but they mainly deal with Bangladesh, turkey & Holland.

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Threat Government policies they do not observe textile industry as their major manufacturing unit, the reason is that about 75 % of our income is through textile sector & it is doing work for Pakistan as backbone. Nowadays unfortunately our government is not taking interest in textile sector. Due to lack of interest of our government we’re going far behind in textile world which is not a good sign for the future of Pakistan.

Questionnaires regarding industrial tour Do you have any grievance policy & how do you handle employee’s grievance / complaints? Actually grievances can be at any place like sometimes family members fight due to some conflicts and grievances arise in family as well. In industries workers also has their own matters or issues for example: Late salary Accommodation problems Basic facilities Basic needs

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What is turnover / absenteeism rate monthly/ annually? Actually there are two types of employees Permanent employees Contract basis employees Contract & permanent basis employees turnover / absenteeism rate are different to each other. Turnover rate is about 3- 3.5 %

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Do you take safety & security measures for your employers ? Yes there are safeties measures like Job security Health Monthly insurance

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4. How many grievances / complaints you normally face? HR manager faced in last 15 years was 10 – 11 in which insurance was paid.

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5 .How do you handle the maladjusted workers / employees? Immediate senior is there will tell workers what is wrong & why. In case of some fault it will be asked from senior why it happened.

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6. Do you have any policy for the employee’s holidays & leaves? In Gulistan textile mills international rules are being obeyed like within 8 days he/she can do 1 day off. 8 casual & 12 medical leaves are given to workers he can avail these holidays in 1 year.

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7. Do you apply negative reinforcement or positive reinforcement for the employers ? It depends upon mistake & immediate senior if he want give him shelter then he says in favor of him but if he don’t want save him or hr have any personal complaint then will try apply negative reinforcement otherwise positive reinforcement.

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Do you face any bad incident regarding employer’s problem ? No there is no such problem there in last 15 years. 9. Do you assure the solidity of the grievances? Inquiry committee is there if someone found guilty he have face the committee.

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10. Do you have any worker union? No there is no workers union in Gulistan textile mills, actually the question is why there is a need of worker union ? so the answer is when we protest against some issue & we want to highlight it so if company solving complaints or on initial levels then we don’t think that we require any workers union.

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11. Are you satisfied with performance of your employees? Actually the thing is that satisfaction can’t be measured, they know what their limits are. They make a demand within their limits we have tried our level best to reduce their complaints that’s the reason they also work with full responsibility.

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12. Are your employers satisfied with management? Yes! Our employers are satisfied with management because management works like a bridge between works & employers, and they also try to handle conflicts with harmony.

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13.How do you reward /punish your employers? Reward They have set standards of bonus salaries of 2 months which they pay as reward to employees. Bonus measures Actually it varies place to place, like in Karachi the management pays 5 month salaries as bonus, in Gulistan and in surrounding mills bonus is paid as 2 months salaries. Punishment If a worker does a mistake then firstly warning will be given by his immediate boss. For example foremen or jobber!

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14. What is the status of customer’s complaints? Basically the customers complaints varies to the description of order, if the problem is minor one first of all we try our level best to solve that problem even on a telephone call or via email

Slide 19: 

15. Do you have some grievances against employers? The thing is that Grievances/ complaints may occurs anywhere like in families, relatives or even between friends, so we also have such problems against our employers but it is in minor level. Employers do their level best to solve these grievances or complaints.

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16. Are employees satisfied with promotion policy? Yes! Of course they are satisfied with our promotion policy because we gave them such promotion according to their experience & grade.

Conclusions : 


Continued… : 

Continued… The industry was large & huge. We didn’t observe any informal groups there. People were working all together with full responsibility. Temperature was moderate. Air conditioners were working proper in whole industry so we think that it is positive sign of the industry.

Continued… : 

Continued… Some conflicts aroused in our mind when we entered in the industry it were mentioned on the gate no one below 18 years is allowed. But we find people Less than 18 years there. After every hour rest pauses of 15 minutes were given to the workers. People were whistling to gain attention of others (calling)

Continued… : 

Continued… Modern machinery was being used. If thread broke then it is automatically join with the process by this machine. Whole over the environment was good, we were not ignored by the management they allowed us to visit to all department of industry & we observed their working condition which were superb.

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Thank you audience…

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