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Non-governmental organizations’ role in disaster : 

Non-governmental organizations’ role in disaster By: Supraja Sharma

Definitions : 

Definitions Non-governmental Organization No generally agreed to legal definition Civil-society Organization An organization that is not part of the local or state or federal government Purpose: social or political Disaster “actual occurrence of events that produce casualties and damage at a level exceeding a community’s ability to cope” (Lindelletal Ch. 1)

Purpose : 

Purpose Intermediary between population and government Bottom-up approach Local grassroots organizations and international organizations Tend to be well-connected at local level Have specialized skills/capacities Can usually mobilize quickly Tend to work for and with “neediest groups”

Examples : 

Examples The American Red Cross The National Emergency Response Team (NERT) The Salvation Army The American Radio Relay League, Inc. (ARRL)

Problems : 

Problems Several might do the same job Discord between different NGO groups Might overextend and under deliver

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Important element of disaster-relief process Bridges governments and citizens by providing needed services Effectiveness dependent on good communication Especially good at providing goods and services to underserved people

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