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What is your dream?

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Company Products Markets Timing Income 5 Key Components Convergence

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The Company…

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Leadership Rick Cotton, CEO Don Cotton, President Paul Morris, VP Marketing Peter Hammer, VP Operations

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All Stars… Chris Arreola Randy Couture Bill Parcells

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VISION A desire to effectively help impoverished children in third-world countries 1% of the gross sales of eXfuze go to Viva Kids DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CAMPAIGN The most urgent campaign need at this time. We are partnering directly with children centers in the Dominican Republic to help meet the needs of impoverished children in this country

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Consumable Unique Beneficial A leading edge products that is: Product

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Product Three things to consider: Does it work? How does it taste? Is it affordable?

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Multi Botanical Extracts No Added Sugar No Artificial Sweeteners No Plastic Bottles No Sodium Benzoate “The Next Generation” Product

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Acai Rich with Antioxidants and Phytonutrients Contains Omega 3,6, and 9 Used for Mental Focus and Vitality

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Rich Concentration of Xanthones Shown to Benefit Cardiovascular Health, Hypertension, and Thrombosis Mangosteen

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Used as a Medicine for Centuries in Hawaiian and Asian Cultures Anti-inflammatory Capabilities Studies Show Lower Cholesterol Levels Noni

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One of the Greatest Natural Answers to Anti-aging 19 Amino Acids 21 Trace Minerals Beta-Sitosterol Goji

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Prized for Thousands of Years for Variety of Internal and External Medicinal Uses More Lycopene Than a Tomato More Betacarotene Than Carrots Gac

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Often Called Nature’s Multi-vitamin Robust Combination of Folic Acid, and Flavenoids High Anti-oxidant Levels to Combat Free-radicals Seabuckthorn

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Complete Polysaccharide Tremendous Anti-inflammatory Capabilities Strong Detoxification 800 Clinical Studies Brown Seaweed Extract

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Seven+ PRO : 

Seven+ PRO Your Classic Seven+ WITH: 500% more Brown Seaweed Extract A rare and exotic adaptogenic combination of eleurtherococcus and astragalus

Who Is It For? : 

Who Is It For? Professional Athletes Amateur Athletes Those with Active Lifestyles Busy Professionals Home Makers Busy Moms Aging Population

What Does It Do? : 

Brown Seaweed and Fulvic Acid Helps in relieving harmful inflammation Eleutherococcus Helps the body adapt more effectively to stress Reduce intensity and negative impact of tension, illness, infection, pollution, and other factors Astragalus Protects the cells and the immune system A rich flavonoid to help repair damage caused by free radicals and activate immune cells What Does It Do?


CERTIFICATION Banned Substances Control Group assists responsible dietary supplement manufacturers that wish to assure their customers that their products do not contain dangerous banned substances. Independent verification that a sample of product tested negative for substances banned by sports organizations such as the IOC, NFL, NCAA, & MLB

Everyone Wants More Energy and they want it NOW! : 

Everyone Wants More Energy and they want it NOW! The Phyto Energy Blend is considered in science to be: Metabolic Energizers Anti-Fatigue Compounds Metabolic Modulators GreenZilla Benefits: Exclusive Energy Boost All healthy ingredients in a whole food base Nutritional / Vitamin support Smooth rise in energy Blend with NO Sugar NO crash NO synthetic anything Mental and physical energy Food grade plastic bottle containing NO Bisphenol-A (BPA) Three servings per bottle Costs less than competition Great Taste and side effect free

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PRODUCTS THAT… Are Healthy Cost Less Work Better Taste Better Are Marketed Better Have Proven Benefits Are Backed By Real Science Superior Accessible Products

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Markets Paul Zane Pilzer Leading Economist Consults to the Fortune 50 Describes the Wellness Industry as the next TRILLION Dollar Industry “The wellness industry is growing at breakneck speed and It is clear to me it will dominate in the next decade.” Paul Zane Pilzer, The Wellness Revolution

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Markets & Trends

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Second To Market

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Second To Market 1997 – The Noni fruit is introduced as a functional beverage in juice concentrate form 10 years to reach a billion dollars in sales 2002 – The Mangosteen Fruit is introduced as a functional beverage in juice concentrate form 7 years to reach a billion dollars in sales 2004 – The Acai Berry is introduced as a functional beverage in juice concentrate form 5 years to reach a billion dollars in sales 2008 – Seven+ from eXfuze is introduced as the first and only extract functional beverage with Seven Superfoods eXfuze is second to market.

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Timing The market is wide open... The timing in your area couldn't be better - you are in the right place at the right time - with Exfuze right now!

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Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Thailand Australia New Zealand Canada China French Polynesia Japan Puerto Rico Taiwan

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Three Ways To Generate Income: Linear income means you exchange a unit of time for a unit of money. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Residual income means you work once and get paid for it over and over again. Leveraged income allows you to be in hundreds, perhaps thousands of places at once and derive income from each.

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Compensation LINEAR INCOME Retail Profit Fast Cash bonus of up to $120.00 RESIDUAL INCOME Sales Commission– Binary Sales Commissions LEVERAGED INCOME Matching Bonus – Up to 7 Director Generations Deep

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Which would you rather have? $1,000,000 OR A penny doubled every day for 30 days

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The Power of Duplication

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INVESTMENT $400 Investment 4 Boxes of Zilla 8 Bottles PRO 8 Dropships You 2 2 2 2 Customers Referrals 2 2 2 Everybody knows 2 people!

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Currently Seeking Business Builders Those seeking significant long-term, residual income People looking for better health Those seeking to replace, diversify, or supplement an income

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System Support You are in business FOR YOURSELF but not BY YOURSELF! Distributor Training Webinars Product Training Motivational Conference Calls Annual and Semi-Annual Conference Events Upline Support

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Seven +

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Action is the Key “There is nothing that you can do over the next two years that has the ability to pay you over the next 20 years like active, aggressive participation in eXfuze”. Eddie Freeman, Author of The Mechanics of Wealth

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