Pareto Principle

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The 80 / 20 ruleTeam 5 : 

The 80 / 20 ruleTeam 5 Idris Anibaba, Eric Altman, Lisa Balda Josue Miabe, Jenilee Martinez, Mallory Hotel, Jayme Fernandez, Diana Moreno-Veloz

Pareto’s Principle The 80 / 20 Rule : 

Pareto’s Principle The 80 / 20 Rule 1906 Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto He Observed that 20% of the People Owned 80% of the wealth Created Mathematical Formula

Where It Came From : 

Where It Came From 1930’s and 1940’s Quality Management Pioneer Dr. Joseph Juran Dr. Joseph Juran Wrote about the 80-20 Rule “Vital Few and Trivial Many”

Pareto’s Principle and Business : 

Pareto’s Principle and Business The 80-20 Rule can be Applied to Business Rule of Thumb for Business – 80% of Your Sales come from 20% of Your Customers A Handful of Products Produce the Majority of the Orders

How Pareto Principle Can Help Individuals : 

How Pareto Principle Can Help Individuals The 80/20 Rule can be Utilized by Everyone in their Daily lives A Manager needs to Focus on the 20% of the Tasks that Produce 80% of the Results Helps Prioritize, and Focus on the Important Tasks Pareto Charts are Used to Show on a Graph What is Important from Top to Bottom Multiply the Profitability of Corporations

Life Isn’t Fair : 

Life Isn’t Fair Perfect World Every Employee would Contribute Equally Out of 5 Suggestions Only 1 will Result in a “Cool” Idea (green line- 80/20 Rule) Red Line is Every Idea is Great, Not Reality

Work Cited : 

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Team 5 Thanks You : 

Team 5 Thanks You

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