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Learning Support Program Overview Meadowbrook Middle School 2010-2011 “A step toward supported inclusion”

Learning Support Team : 

Learning Support Team From Left: Vesper Loewen Nick Stabler Theresa Hein Denise Cottrell Karen Scott

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What’s it like to have a learning disability? Our philosophy is that all learners can be successful in a classroom

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Simulation #1 Simulation #2

Challenges : 

Challenges 65 provincially coded resource students High percentage of ‘regular’ students requiring additional supports 2 Learning Support Teachers and 3 Learning Support Assistants New staff and a need for a fresh look Any other challenges?

Program Goals : 

Program Goals Improved communication between classroom teachers, learning support teachers and assistants, admin, and parents Support for all students in the school Support for classroom teachers Improved utilization of resources (learning support teachers and assistants)

How? : 

How? Life Skills Room Functional Life Skills Program Set up like a little house Ideas for staff and student involvement (snacks, lunch, etc…) Learning Support Centre Study area, peer tutoring, computers with electronic support Group assistance area Learning support teacher and assistant offices Holding area for resources (adapted units, etc..)

Responsibilities : 


Responsibilities for integrated students : 

Responsibilities for integrated students

IPP Creation and Monitoring Process : 

IPP Creation and Monitoring Process What will writing IPPs look like? Classroom teachers have secondary responsibility for IPPs Learning support teachers have primary responsibility for IPPs Education assistants have input into IPPs Administration reviews and approves all IPPs Parents, and when appropriate, students, also have input

IPP Writing Steps : 

IPP Writing Steps

Example – Ben (grade 8) : 

Example – Ben (grade 8) IE: Student habits Reading level Improve written work in all subjects.

Changes for Classroom Teachers : 

Changes for Classroom Teachers More involved in developing long term goals and strategies Responsible for commenting on the development of goals on IPPs Responsible for assigning grades where appropriate Input during IPP maintenance times Assistance with parent communication (ie signing during interviews) Collaboration and consensus on IPPs (goals and outcomes) is vital

Changes for Learning Support Teachers : 

Changes for Learning Support Teachers Increased presence in the classroom Work on fewer pull-out groups and an increased emphasis on co-teaching Decreased reliance on testing (ie: KeyMath) and more time spent working with students and staff. Increased reliance on professional judgement of classroom teachers Resource development (ie collaborating in creating modified units or unit adaptations) time in schedule

Learning Support Assistants : 

Learning Support Assistants The primary role of the EAs is supporting student learning Classroom and learning support teachers have equal roles in supervising what the EAs are doing both in and out of the classroom We have a very limited number of EAs, and their time must be used very carefully “A guide to co-teaching with paraeducators” can be borrowed to review – we will work on improving co-teaching as the year progresses Ask them!! They are an invaluable resource!

Questions/Discussion : 

Questions/Discussion Program setup/philosophy? Roles and responsibilities? IPP Creation and monitoring process? Role of classroom teachers? Role of learning support teachers? Role of Learning Support Assistants? Any other questions?

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