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This presentation left me speechless. I'm a teacher and feel the need to share this urgently with my kids and my boss. Thanks Kevin

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Internet Safety

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did you know

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9 out of 10 UK teenagers have a home computer, a mobile phone and a games console

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99% of children aged 8 – 17 regularly access the internet

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19% of UK schoolchildren have internet access in their bedrooms

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It is estimated that 55% of all UK youngsters have a presence on a social networking site

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the minimum age for social network sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, etc. is 13

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67% of underage registrations to social network sites were set up with the help of the child’s parent

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90% of these were set up with parental permission

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83 per cent of children have a profile that is viewable by anyone

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Required age for Bebo registration 13 Average age of Bebo user 8

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and there’s more…

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it’s breathtaking 28 million users 76 million users 135 million users 34 million users 54 million users

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44% of 11 – 14 year olds say they have been contacted online by a stranger

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8% of teenagers report that they have met an online “friend” face to face

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MySpace deletes 25,000 underage profiles each week

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From 2007-2009 MySpace has deleted 90,000 accounts created by registered sex offenders

60% of phone and internet cyberbullying incidents are reported as happening in the home : 

60% of phone and internet cyberbullying incidents are reported as happening in the home

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Half of all children have said they have been victims of cyber bullying

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Three quarters of these said they knew who the bully was

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29% say nothing about it to their parents or teachers

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More than half of all children (53%) are never or are hardly ever supervised online by their parents / carers

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91% of parents think they know what their children are doing all or most of the time when they access the internet

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think you know

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20% of young people are prepared to exchange all of the following with strangers on the internet Full name Date of Birth Email Location Age

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Children are vulnerable to online scams Identity theft Chain email Financial scams

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