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UP! Jeans Ad Campaign : 

UP! Jeans Ad Campaign Busch & Unitas Enterprising Ind.

Target Market Consumer : 

Target Market Consumer Female Between 35-45 years of age Caucasian Suburban Middle class Homemakers and mothers

Logo : 


Slogan : 

Slogan “Feel 20 for under $20” The idea is that the consumer will understand that the jeans are low cost and that the jeans will make them feel young, all in just five simple words. It also utilizes repetition to catch the consumer’s eye.

Magazine Advertisement : 

Magazine Advertisement Magazine possibilities: Home Living, Women’s Health, People Magazine It is split down the center between a home with a crying baby and a runway. The idea here is that it gives the impression that UP! Jeans can make the consumer feel younger and sexier and provide an escape from their daily life.

Commercial : 

Commercial A continuation of the campaign focused on implanting the idea of “young, sexy, and cheap” deeper into the consumers mind. To be aired on such networks as: HGTV, TLC, and Lifetime. These networks are the most commonly watched by our target consumer as exhibited in our market research.

Round off the CampaignProduct Placement Idea : 

Round off the CampaignProduct Placement Idea Desperate Housewives A possible scenario is that one of the main characters is in a store and runs into one of the other main characters wearing UP! Jeans. The character is jealous and goes to buy her own pair. She then leaves the store and as the camera moves slower and her hair waves around her like a fashion model, it is easily noticed that she is now getting all of the men’s attention in the show.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to present our campaign Idea : 

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to present our campaign Idea

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