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Collaboration model for Student Success Teams (SST) : 

Collaboration model for Student Success Teams (SST) By: Elena Librant

What is an SST? : 

What is an SST? The SST assists the classroom teacher to identify student, academic, social, attendance, or health issues that interfere with learning and achievement in the classroom. It is a positive school-wide early identification and early intervention process. Looks at students strengths. Concerns are viewed as obstacles to student success not a descriptor of the students character. A practical improvement plan is created to resolve individual student needs that all team members agree to follow. Follow-up meetings are planned to provide continuous management in order to maximize student’s achievement and school experience. Helps students meet state standards.

Strategies to try before SST : 

Strategies to try before SST Teacher has concerns about a student Develop and implement classroom modifications If modifications are unsuccessful, meet with parents to develop new interventions If plan is unsuccessful, teacher meets with site administrator to develop new strategies If plan is still ineffective, a referral is made for an SST

SST Process : 

SST Process Parents, students, and school staff work together as a team to provide prosocial activities and interventions for student success. Entire team works together to set appropriate boundaries, support, and school rules. Students take responsibility and make decisions as team members. They are involved in brainstorming and problem solving. SST connects students with community resources in an organized action plan. One team member serves as a leader to oversee the student’s SST plan.

SST Agenda : 

SST Agenda Introductions Parent and teacher presents student strengths Parent/teachers present 3 areas of concern, concerns are prioritized Teachers present interventions currently in place to address concerns Group brainstorms additional interventions Parent and teacher concur with plan Closure

Interventions : 

Interventions Academic Tutoring Teaching modifications Individual/small group instruction Extra response time Behavior Frequent breaks Change of seating Praising specific behaviors Send positive notes home Frequent eye contact Attendance Have responsible peer walk student to class Give student a responsibility to be performed at the beginning of each day Health Update of physical exam Pursue evaluation for attention related difficulties Vision and hearing evaluation and follow-up

Parent Responsibilities : 

Parent Responsibilities Establish routines and schedules at home. Set aside specific times for child’s homework. Spend quality time with child. Volunteer time in child’s classroom. Contact child’s teacher on a regular basis. Make sure child reads everyday for 30 minutes.

Collaboration : 

Collaboration SST’s include all those who are involved in student success (parents, teachers, counselors, students). They all work together to develop the best interventions to achieve student success. With the help of all parties involved, the student should benefit from the interventions. By including the parents, the familial perspective is shared and is related to the interventions. By including the student, he/she hears positive things about him/herself and receives support Also by including student they feel more involved in the process and have a shared responsibility in their success.

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