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Interpersonal Skills

Learning Objectives : 

Learning Objectives When you have completed this module you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Interpersonal Skills and you will be able to: Identify the main obstacles to the effective use of Interpersonal Skills Understand the nature of the components of the interpersonal process

Learning Objectives : 

Learning Objectives Understand a range of techniques that are required as Interpersonal Skills Use these techniques to build an effective interpersonal process Explain the benefits of having excellent Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills and the Organization : 

Interpersonal Skills and the Organization In today’s business world organizations do not compete with their products They compete through using their most valuable resource, their people, to maximum effect Interpersonal skills are vital to allow this to happen

Organizational Context : 

Organizational Context The organizational context of how interpersonal skills are used can be shown by the vast number of interpersonal interactions such as: Meetings Delegation Motivation Facilitation Coaching Problem Solving Selling Leading

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Introduction : 

Introduction Working Together Technical & Emotional Competence Traditional Assets Emotional Capital Knowledge Capital

Working Together : 

Working Together The success of an organization is dependent upon the people within it working well together Internally In teams Across teams Within and between departments and business units Externally With suppliers With Customers

Working Together : 

Working Together Take the relationship viewpoint: Effective relationships within the organization Effective relationships with suppliers Effective relationships with competitors To gain real competitive advantage through such relationships in the long term is dependent upon your level of interpersonal skills

Technical V Emotional Competence : 

Technical V Emotional Competence Technical competence allows you to get to the starting line in terms of dealing with: Customers Colleagues Suppliers Technical competence is an ‘expected’ Emotional competence -the ability to read, understand and interact with people is what makes the difference in the long term

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