My first PDT

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My first PDT : 

My first PDT Made for: K By : D

PDT : 

PDT D: Never told you the anime name cause I kinda wanted to watch with you :x But it’s called: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni That time after you see my answer and stuff just felt used I dunno why when saying out that time come out so weird. Cannot slp that night sia :/

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Conclusion I sometimes over think stuff cause I’m stupid like that esp recently cause feels damn weird. I sometimes really try to cut down and stuff and I never removed the note that you placed on my desktop :x (Genting cigarettes and stuff are cheap but I’m not gonna smoke) Sian can imagine your angry face reading this then thinking “wah this noob dunno how to make PDT, how can compare to mine!?” :P Remember to try and smile more cause it helps! Happy existence day 

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